Digital First Initiative

Digital Road Map Morphs to Digital First Initiative Post-COVID 19

Much like the rest of the world, the Division of Information Technology (DIT) has had to respond to COVID 19 with rapid-fire, forced change. The Digital Road Map Initiative, which began in Fall 2019, has had to shift focus to core institutional services that keep the university working at optimum capacity, especially while remote. It has been a challenge that the Division met head-on and for which it has received many accolades for the speed and dexterity with which it met this demand.

The Digital First Initiative takes from the Digital Road Map key short-term phases that are focused on mobile-end points, software capabilities, instructional capabilities, and business operations. In the short term, and in record time, DIT was able to set up a check out system for laptops and computers, release critical business service applications and software upgrades, offer initial tools and metrics for instructional capabilities, and streamline critical remote business operations such as low-level forms. In the long run, DIT is looking to set up a more robust laptop base and to redeploy desktops, integrate chat and group communication capabilities, focus practice and assessment tools, and create multi-channel business operations. These goals collectively underscore the university’s commitment to student learning.

Next Series of Discussions

Chris Manriquez, VP/CIO will be meeting with campus departments and service units to discuss a series of how-to questions, designed to prompt thoughtful discussion for distinct ways to use artificial intelligence, create a break/fix ticketing system, and use a knowledge base to create a ‘Digital Concierge’ for moving forward post-COVID. Please check with your Department Coordinator for details. For questions or concerns, please email

Driving Discovery and Dialogue - Spring 2020

Due to current state of COVID19, the Digital Road Map Open Forum series has been canceled. As CSUDH transitions to a remote work and alternative instruction environment, Vice President/CIO Chris Manriquez is utilizing this opportunity to revamp his Digital Road Map Open Forum sessions to specifically address technological needs with staff, faculty and students, and to also provide an update on the digital resources currently available and on the future roll out of digital resources.

More information about the digital resources that are available now can be found at the Technology Resources page on the CSUDH Alert site. Information about specific projects and applications can be found by visiting

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the VPIT Office at 310 243-3655.

Welcome Back

Welcome to the 2019-2020 academic year. It’s an exciting time to be a Toro, as we welcome the largest freshman and transfer student class ever to Dominquez Hills. CSUDH is in a time of significant growth and change with three new facilities breaking ground this year-- the new Housing facility, the Science and Innovation Building, and the Innovation and Instruction building.  These new developments bring CSUDH much-needed space and state of the art facilities to serve the campus community.

Graduation Initiative 2025 and CSUDH Information Technology

Most importantly, this academic year's incoming freshmen activate the Graduation Initiative 2025. GI2025, which will be closely monitored by the Chancellor’s Office, is California State University’s initiative to increase graduation rates for all CSU students while eliminating opportunity and achievement gaps.  In support of campus growth and to identify growing technology demands, the Division of Information Technology (I.T.) has begun conversations with campus groups. Together, we will create a Digital Road Map, linking I.T. strategy and the university’s growth. This dialogue and subsequent feedback survey is the beginning of many intentional campus-wide conversations around technology needs and how it relates to the broader university strategic plan.


Chris A. Manriquez
Vice President for Information Technology / CIO

Coming to a Meeting Near You

Chris Manriquez

Fall 2019 & Spring 2020 - Vice President Chris Manriquez will be hosting a series of meetings for student, faculty, staff and administrator groups  to discuss technology wants and needs leading to the CSUDH Digital Road Map.

If you are interested in scheduling the Digital Road Map round table for your group/department, please contact the Information Technology Vice President’s Office at or (310) 243-3655.