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Enable Mobile Password Protection


Mobile devices can be easy pickings for data and identity thieves. For extra protection, always enable home screen passwords and locks, so if your device is misplaced or stolen you will still be protected.

Staying Secure While on the Go

Traveling can expose you to some serious technology-based risks.  There are a few recommendations that will help you stay secure while moving across the country or internationally.

Before you leave…

  • Decide what devices and data you really need for your trip, and leave the rest at home.
  • Check travel conditions and travel warnings with the U.S. State Department travel website.
  • Notify your bank and credit card companies of your trip. Include start and end dates of your travel plans.
  • Update your software, passwords, and device security features. Consider using a loaner device when traveling to certain regions.

While you are away…

  • Do not take privacy for granted, whether you are dealing with local government authorities or private citizens.
  • Follow smart security practices to secure your online activity and your physical devices at all times.
  • Use the eduroam connection as much as possible, where possible. Use caution when connecting to public wi-fi.

After You Return Home…

  • Return any loaner devices.
  • Have your devices, thumb drives, and any other removable media scanned for malicious software. Do not connect any devices or media to a network until they are tested!
  • If you discover any malware infection, reformat and rebuild with help from your local IT support desk, and restore your data from backups.
  • Inform your bank and credit card companies of your return. Be sure to review all of your financial transactions for suspicious activity.


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