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CSULearn is the new CSUDH professional development portal that includes compliance and customized trainings. Effective January 2019.


CSULearn replaces Skillport Professional Development for the CSU system. All yearly and mandatory trainings such as Data Security, CSU Conflicts of Interest, and Title XI training will be offered online.


Below you will find the traning admins for CSUDH training. Please contact them for any questions or issues with training:

LawRoom / Skillsoft Course Name
Training Admin
Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)
Kerry Boyer OR Sara Hariri
Mandatory reporting of Child Abuse – HR
Deborah Roberson-Simms
EDU: Eliminate Campus Sexual Misconduct (CSU)
Title IX Officer
EDU: Clery Act Basics
David Hall
EDU Supervisor: Anti-Harassment, Discrimination, Retaliation (https)
Linda San
Defensive Driving Fundamentals
David Hall
Data Security & Privacy
Cynthia Jones-Hunter
CSU: Preventing Discrimination and Harassment for Non-Supervisors
Title IX Officer
CSU Conflicts of Interest (https)
Linda San
CSU - Laboratory Safety Fundamentals
Larry Kimaara
CSU - Injury and Illness Prevention Program
Larry Kimaara

Beginning January 29th, you may receive an email with a link to CSULearn to complete a course if training is due. Here is a screenshot of what the email currently looks like (View sample email in a new window):

This image show an example of a CSULearn course completion email