Dropbox Update

Date: November 14, 2018

Over the next few days, our engineering team will be rolling out an updated Desktop Client for macOS which includes updates to our Smart Sync infrastructure.

Upon updating to the latest build, users of the macOS Dropbox client will experience re-indexing of their online-only (placeholder) content. This process is necessary and ensures that Smart Sync continues to work correctly on macOS. During the indexing process, all placeholders and local files will continue to function normally and sync as expected.

NOTE: Files will not sync down locally. MacOS users should not be alarmed by the blue syncing icon overlay that appears on the Dropbox client. If a user hovers over their Dropbox icon on the menu bar, they will see the “indexing x files”. However, if they click into their Dropbox tray, this will be displayed as “syncing n files”. This is expected behavior. Please be aware that files will only be indexing--NOT syncing.

During the indexing process, macOS Dropbox users may experience a spike in CPU usage due to the indexing process. Depending on the number of files to be indexed and CPU RAM, this process may take a number of hours to complete, especially for users with 100K+ files as online-only (placeholders). Any files that actually need to be synced will take priority over indexing.

We anticipate that this update will occur for a vast majority of our macOS users in the coming days. We recommend that you share this update with members of your Help Desk so that they can support users who reach out with any concerns.

Please reach out to your account team if you have any questions. Many thanks!

- The Dropbox Team