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All CSUDH students, faculty and staff receive a CSUDH email account. Faculty and staff accounts reside on Microsoft Exchange servers and use the MS Outlook desktop client or OWA. Student email is provided through Google Apps.

Faculty and Staff Exchange Email (

The Microsoft Outlook desktop client provides access to email, calendars, contacts, and tasks. Outlook Web Access (OWA) provides access through a web browser. This service integrates with the university's identification and authentication services allowing users to use their campus account to access their mailbox.

OWA Access

University and Extension Student Email through Google Apps

The university sends important official notices as e-mails to your university account ( Currently registered CSU Dominguez Hills students receive their student e-mail usernames in their letters of admission. Use the same username/password combination to log into MyCSUDH, Blackboard, to the computer lab network, and to the wireless network.

toroMail Access

CSUDH Alumni

Current members of the CSU Dominguez Hills Alumni Association are eligible for toroMail accounts. If you believe you are eligible for an account and you do not have your username, please contact the University's Alumni Relations office, WH C490, (310) 243-2237.

Frequently Asked Questions on Outlook, toroMail and Lyris lists

If you have questions regarding email services, please check the FAQ page before creating a helpdesk ticket.

FAQ Page

Create a Helpdesk ticket

Lyris Listserv

User managed email distribution lists are provided through the Lyris Listserv service. Users can manage list members, have announcement only or discussion lists, and manage their lists through a web browser. To request a Lyris email distribution list, please submit a helpdesk ticket.

Create a Helpdesk ticket

Network Spam Filter

The Spam Quarantine holds spam and suspected spam messages addressed to you. These messages were set aside during processing so that you could verify whether or not these messages are indeed spam. Go to the Network Spam Filter page to examine the messages and determine how to treat each one; however, your quarantined messages will be automatically deleted after a certain amount of time (set by the email administrator), so you do not need to take any action.

Check my Network Spam Filter

How to use Network Spam Filter

Email Upgrade to Exchange 2013

The Faculty and Staff Email Application has been upgraded to Exchange 2013. Please reference this FAQ page for information on mobile device settings, POP settings, and upcoming services.

How to Forward toroMail Messages to a Gmail Account [PDF]