Enterprise Email System Upgrade to Exchange 2013

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Training – Exchange 2013

Each user is encouraged to access Lynda.com for training. See instructions on how to access the training.

lynda.com Outlook Exchange / OWA 2013 Training [PDF]

Configuring Mobile Devices

Once the migration is complete, please check your email and the devices attached to your email inbox to ensure they function correctly. You should not experience any configuration issues with your mobile devices however, if you encounter problems with your IPAD, IPHONE, or Andriod devices please see the attached instructions how to delete and re-add your account to the device. This should resolve the problem. For additional help on configuring Exchange 2013, please see the following help documents:

Configuring Exchange 2013 – iPad

Configuring Exchange 2013 – iPhone

Configuring Exchange 2013 – Android Devices

Pop3 for Windows and Mac

Please follow the below instructions to configure POP for Windows and Mac users.

POP3 Settings for GMail [PDF]

Windows Instructions

Mac Mail and Thunderbird Instructions

Mac Outlook 2011 Instructions

Coming Soon – Online Archiving

Screenshot of Outlook 2014 Online ArchivingA key feature in Exchange 2013 is online archiving. This feature will be implemented in April 2014 for all users. Any email that is older than one-year will move to the online archiving folders in your mailbox. More details will be provided on the actual date and time on-line archiving is implemented. Below is a visual illustration of what the user inbox will look like if emails are moved to your archive mailbox (Online Archive). The folder, that the email resides in, will be created in the archive mailbox when moved. Notice that My New Team 2014 folder was not created in the archive mailbox. This is because no emails within that folder were older than 1 year.


If you have any question please contact the Helpdesk at x.2500 or (310) 243-2500.