FAQ Outlook, toroMail, and list

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What is my mailbox quota?

The default maximum size of your campus mailbox is 10GB.

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How do I know how much of my quota is being used?

In the Outlook client, right click on the name of your mailbox (displayed at the top of the folder list).
Select Data File Properties. Near the bottom left of the Properties window, click on the Folder Size button.

In OWA, in the upper right corner, click the Settings icon.  Select Options.  In My Account, you'll see Mail Usage.

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All of my mail is important and I don't want to erase any of it, what can I do?

You have the ability in Outlook to archive your older messages. This will remove it from your working mailbox, but store a copy in an archive repository. Your archives should reside on your H: drive, not your local drive. The H: drive server is backed up nightly. Archives are searchable and accessiblein your Outlook, so you can find the message that you need.

Another alternative is to create a .pst file. This will create a "snapshot" of your entire mailbox or whichever section you wish to capture. This file can be mounted and searched in Outlook and can be copied like any other file. The IT Helpdesk can assist you with creating archives and pst files.

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What is the maximum message size that I can send and receive?

The maximum message size for both incoming and outgoing messages is 25MB. For the campus lists,DH Email is 1MB and the Full Time Faculty list is 1MB. If you need to send a file attachment larger than 25 MB,then you must use ftp, sftp or a third party web transfer site like transferbigfiles.com.

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Can I use the full Outlook client at home?

Yes, but you will have to VPN into the campus. You will have to apply for a VPN account.

Click here for more information.

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Can I use a POP or IMAP client?

Yes, set your incoming POP3 server or incoming IMAP4 server to owa.csudh.edu (SSL Enabled) and your outgoing smtp server to owa.csudh.edu (Override port 25 with 995 for POP or 993 for IMAP). You may have to configure additional security settings, which varies by client. Please contact the help desk for further assistance.

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Can I access toroMail with my smart phone?

toroMail is not supported for any telephone devices at the current time. However, expect the feature to be added in the future.

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What are the benefits offered by toroMail?

Students get 7 GB of e-mail storage, attachments up to 20MB in size can be sent, and Google calendaring is available.

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I already have a Gmail account, so I don't need this one, right?

Wrong. The university sends important e-mails to your campus e-mail account, so you will need to log into your toroMail account on a regular basis in order to see registration appointment times, financial aid awards, etc.

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Can I take my toroMail account with me when I leave the University?

No, when you separate from the university, you will lose access to your toroMail account unless you join the Alumni Association. 

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What do I do if the student e-mail system tells me my username/password pair is invalid or that I have an "authentication failure"?

E-mail or telephone the IT Help Desk at helpdesk@csudh.edu or (310) 243-2500.

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What do I do if I can log in and read mail but I can't compose or reply to mail?

Popup Problems

Are you able to log into toroMail and read mail, but you can't compose or reply to mail?
You may be experiencing problems with popup blockers. When you compose or reply to mail successfully, a new [popup] window comes forward. You may be able to overcome the popup problem these ways:

  • Depress the Control (Ctrl) key while clicking the New button, screen shot of the New button, or the Reply or Forward buttons, screen shot of reply and forward buttons.
  • If you have installed the Yahoo! toolbar or the Google toolbar, ensure that popups are enabled in them. By default, they are disabled.
  • Check the popup blocker settings in your browser (e.g., Internet Explorer) and change them to medium. E.g., in Internet Explorer, select Tools > Internet Options... > Privacy > Pop-up Blocker settings.
    • In that same window add the toroMail address, http://toromail.csudh.edu, to the list of allowed sites.
    • Change browser security settings to medium (in IE, Tools > Internet Options... > Security).
    • Add the toroMail site (http://toromail.csudh.edu) to the list of trusted sites (Tools > Internet Options... > Security > Trusted Sites).
  • Turn off Norton Internet Security.

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Are you a first time user?

Logging Out

It is important that you log out from software such as toroMail when you finish a session. This is especially true if you are accessing toroMail with a public access computer, for example, in a computer lab or library. Logging out, instead of just walking away, will eliminate unauthorized access to your account. You'll find the Sign Out link at the top right of every toroMail screen.

A Word about Passwords

Your toroMail account is your responsibility. It is important that you not let others use your account, as you would be responsible for any misuse of your account. Use the same username and password to log into MyCSUDH, Blackboard, and toroMail.

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How do I log on?

Students: New students will see their toroMail usernames printed in their letters of admission.

Your username follows this pattern:

First-initial-of-first-name + last-name

Example: Luke Skywalker = lskywalker

If more than one student has this name, digits are appended to the end to create unique user names.

Example: lskywalker26

Important notes: The name on your letter of admission includes your username (e.g., lskywalker) and your e-mail domain name (toromail.csudh.edu). To log onto toroMail, log on as lskywalker [i.e., don't include the domain name]. The complete username/domain name combination (e.g., lskywalker@toromail.csudh.edu) is the e-mail address you will give your friends and colleagues--the name by which they can e-mail you.

See Did you forget your password? for information about passwords.

Having trouble logging on? Submit an online request to the IT Help Desk.

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Did you forget your password?

Use the same username and password pair to log into MyCSUDH, toroMail, and Blackboard.

If you've forgotten your password, navigate to http://my.csudh.edu, and select the Forgot your Password link (under the login box). You'll be able to reset your toroMail password, which will, of course, reset your MyCSUDH and Blackboard password as well.

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I seem to be missing features in OWA, why is that?

If you are using a web browser other than Internet Explorer, then by default, you are placed in Outlook Web Access Light. Only Internet Explorer gives you the full functionality of OWA. You can check/uncheck this box when using Internet Explorer, but any other browser can only perform in Light mode.

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How to Auto-Forward Mail?

Help - Auto-Forward your toroMail

Setting an auto-forward in your toroMail allows you to have all of your new toroMail messages delivered to a different (e.g., personal or business) e-mail account. So what? It means you would not have to log into your toroMail account [after setting the auto-forward] to receive important e-mails from your professors, classmates, or the University. Here's how to set an auto-forward.

    Log into toroMail.
    Click Settings in the upper right hand corner:

    screen shot of upper right side menu
    On the Settings menu, click Forwarding and POP/IMAP:

    screen shot of the menu called "Settings"
    On the Forwarding menu, click the button that requests forwarding, and type your alternate e-mail address into the box that's on the line with the button:

    screen shot of forwarding menu
    Note: You'll come back to this menu and click "Disable forwarding" should you want to stop the auto-forward.
    Pick an option related to the status of new toroMail messages:

    screen shot of forwarding options
    Click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen:

    screen shot of save changes and cancel buttons

The auto-forward takes effect immediately.


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How can I be over quota? My Inbox is empty!

Even if your Inbox is empty, you may be accumulating mail in the Sent or Trash folders. Mail saved there counts in the mailbox limit of 100 MB.

Consider using the POP3 feature to transfer new messages to another mailbox. Read details at POP your toroMail.

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Help - How can I be over quota? My Inbox is empty!

Even if your Inbox is empty, you may be accumulating mail in the Sent or Trash folders. Mail saved there counts in the mailbox limit of 100 MB.

Consider using the POP3 feature to transfer new messages to another mailbox. Read details at POP your toroMail.