Instructions for Changing Outlook Password

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  1. Password has NOT expired. If you receive the message below please follow the instructions for resetting your password.               
Password Expiration Email

On Campus users: On campus users are identified as users who are on campus when changing their password. If you are on campus follow these instructions.

  1. Before changing your password you must forget the network for your wireless devices.  See Step 1. Once Step 1 is complete go to Step 2 to reset your password. Once Step 2 is complete go to Step 3 to re-connect to network.
Note: Once you forget the network (Step 1) do not try to connect to the Wi-Fi network (Step 3) until you changed your password (Step 2).
  1. Forget WiFi settings
  2. Go to DHNET.CSUDH.EDU and change the password.

  3. Connect to WiFi again
  4. Connect to your email and enter the new password.

  5. Home Users: If you are resetting your password from home please follow the instructions below.

    a) Go to DHNET.CSUDH.EDU and change the password.

    b) Reset mobile devices with new password:

    • iOS 
    • Android 
      • Reset network setting (Instruction)

    NOTE: Resetting network will remove WiFi setting. It is recommended that users come to campus to reset password.

  6. Password has expired – If your password has expired please contact the Helpdesk at x. 2500.