Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CSU Dominguez Hills iToros Mobile Application?

The iToros Mobile app allows you to use your mobile device to access a subset of your MyCSUDH student portal data, check your student email, locate buildings and departments, see important campus events, access your Blackboard Mobile Learn application and MORE!

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Where can I find the iToros Mobile application?

The app is free to all students, faculty and guests of CSU Dominguez Hills. However, there are some features of the app that require a University login ID. To download the app, please visit the iToros Mobile support page and locate the section titled: “Download Now”. If you are not currently enrolled at CSU Dominguez Hills, please visit our campus website to learn more about becoming a student.

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What features and resources are available to me from within iToros Mobile?

  • View your grades, schedule and campus financial information (MyCSUDH)
  • Check the latest Toros sports scores (Athletics)
  • Access your installed Blackboard Mobile Learn application (Blackboard)
  • View academic, holiday and campus events (Calendar)
  • View Past, Current and Future Course Offerings (Courses)
  • Find campus dining options (Dining)
  • Call or email instructors, advisors, staff and campus departments (Directory)
  • Locate a building or parking lot, see photos and details. Lost?? Use Find Me! (Map)
  • View University News events (News)
  • Contact campus emergency personnel or share an anonymous crime tip (Police)
  • Check your student email On the Go! (Toromail)
  • In the loop? View our campus social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
  • View recent campus emergency notifications (Alert Log)
  • Need help? Open an online HelpWeb support ticket, reset your password (Help Desk)
  • Send an email or SMS to a contact, take a photo, send feedback (Help Desk -> Options)
  • View a collection of campus photos (Gallery)
  • Access the CSU Dominguez Hills campus website (Full Site)
  • Obtain additional information on the iToros Mobile app (i)

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What features are not currently available in iToros Mobile?

Students will not be able to enroll in or drop courses or pay bills. We are planning to enhance the application to include these features in a future release. Please visit your online Student Center page via the

MyCSUDH online portal.

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What device(s) are supported by iToros Mobile?

  • iOS - iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch – Requires iOS 6.0 or later*
  • Android (COMING SOON) - Compatible with most Android enabled (OEM only) smartphones and tablets – Requires Android version 4.2 or later.* * NOTE: Some features require WiFi or a 3G/4G network connection.

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What are the minimum technology requirements for the iToros Mobile application?

The iToros Mobile app will work on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch running iOS 6.0 or later. The application is also compatible with most Android enabled (OEM only) smartphones and tablets running Android version 4.2 or later. The software requires at least 10MB of free space.

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How do I launch iToros Mobile?

From your supported device, search for CSU Dominguez Hills “iToros Mobile” in your list of applications.Launch the application by selecting the"iToros Mobile" icon.(1) If you have not already downloaded iToros Mobile, please read see FAQ Question #2 for help on downloading the app.

(1) iToros Mobile

iToros icon

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What do I see once I have launched iToros Mobile?

The Home / Landing Page (1) is the starting point for accessing the features available within iToros Mobile.

(1) Home / Landing Page

From here, you can launch the MyCSUDH (2)student portal to check your finances, classes, grades and other important information.

(2)MyCSUDH icon

Use the Map (3) functionality to locate campus buildings and parking lots, scope out Dining (4)options, use an online Directory (5) to locate a department, faculty, advisors and staff,

(3)Map icon (4) Dining icon (5) Directory icon

view important academic deadlines and campus events by using the built-it Calendar(6),

(6) Calender icon

catch up on campus News (7) and Athletics’ (8) activities,

(7) News icon (8) Athletics icon

view recent campus emergency Alerts (9), and more!

(9) Alerts icon

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What if I forget my username and/or password?

SomeiToros Mobile (1)


features such as the MyCSUDH (2)student portal and Toromail(3) require the use of a login id and password.

(2)MyCSUDH icon (3) E-mail icon

Forgot your username and/or password? Follow the instructions on the login screen (4)

(4) Login screen shot

in order to access DHNET (5) to reset your password, look up your username or to open a CSUDH IT HelpWeb request.

(5)DHNET Password Management

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How do I locate my class schedule?

Launch the iToros Mobile application (1) from your mobile device.

(1)iToros icon

Search for your current class courses and locate required materials by launching the MyCSUDH (2) student portal from the Home / Landing Page. Inside, navigate to My Academics and then choose Class Schedule

(2) MyCSUDH icon

Here you will be able to view current course information including, seat availability and enrollment count, meeting days/time, instructor name, building and room number, links to required textbooks/course material and the building location on the campus map.

Map icon

To access past, current and/or future course offerings and materials: Launch the iToros Mobile application (1) from your supported mobile device.

(1) iToros icon

Select the Courses icon (2) located on the Home / Landing Page. Choose the Term and Session in which you wish to locate a course.

(2) Courses icon

Choose the Subject from the list and then choose the Coursefrom the list of courses.

Course Subject Screenshot

You will then be shown Course Details, including current course information, seat availability and enrollmentcount, meeting days/time, building and room number, related notes, links to required textbooks/course material and the building location on the campus map.

Course Detail screenshot

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What are iToros Mobile Alerts and how do I view them?

iToros Mobile Alerts will display on campus emergencies on the iToros Mobile home screen. Miss an emergency campus alert on the iToros Mobile home screen? Alert Log will display the alert and provide access to detailed information for up two full days after the alert has cleared.

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How do I access my Financial Account information?

Launch the iToros Mobile application (1) from you mobile device.

(1)iToros icon

Select the MyCSUDH student portal icon (2) from the Home / Landing Page. Inside, navigate to My Finances and then choose either Financial Aid or Account Inquiry (what you owe, payments, etc).

(2)MyCSUDH icon

How does the Map feature work?

First you should enable GPS location services on your supported device. Afterwards, launch the iToros Mobile application (1).

(1)iToros icon

Select the Map icon (2) from the Home / Landing Page. To find your approximate location while on campus, click the “Find Me“ button above the map.

(2)Map icon

A page will open to display your approximate location. Close the screen. Next, select a campus building and parking lot from the dropdowns below the map. The marker on the map will move to your selection. Click on the marker. A page will open to display Photos and a Description, along with Departments, Videos and Links if appropriate.

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How do I sign out of MyCSUDH or ToroMail from within iToros Mobile?

There are two ways to manually log out of your secure sign-on sessions from within iToros Mobile:

  1. Inside the MyCSUDH iToros Mobile portal application, click on the “Logout” button in the upper right hand corner of any portal page:
iToros icon
  1. Inside the Toromail Gmail application, go to your Inbox. Scroll to the bottom of the list of emails in your Inbox and click on the button displaying your email address. Choose “Sing out of all accounts”.
E-mail icon

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What should I do if I do not see one of these features?

We are constantly striving to improve your experience while at CSU Dominguez Hills. We will occasionally be updating iToros Mobile in order to implement new features or enhance existing functionality. Please be certain that you are running the latest version of the application. You can check for and accept an iToros Mobile update by visiting either the Apple iTunes Market or the Google Play store and select “Update”.Note: If "Update" is not available and you are still having a concern with the application, please log a campus IT HelpWeb ticket by going to Help Desk

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How can I provide feedback, comment and suggestions?

Your opinions are extremely important! We have developed this application with your education in mind. If you an idea or suggestion for a new feature, improvement for an existing feature or have other general feedback that you would like to provide us related to iToros Mobile, you can contact us by doing the following:

  1. Open the iToros Mobile application
  2. Select the Help Desk button at the bottom of the Home / Landing Page.
  3. Click on the “Options” button at the top of the Help Desk page.
  4. Select the Feedback button.

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What if I am having an issue with the app that is not covered in this FAQ?

If the answer to your question or concern is missing from this FAQ, please open a campus IT HelpWeb ticket HelpWeb. A member of the iToros Mobile support staff will be in contact with you as quickly as possible. Please include as much detail as you can. We will also need your name, along with a valid contact number and email address.

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