Question: I am a current faculty/staff employee, however can not access  What should I do?

Answer: If your contract has been recently renewed or if you are a recent hire, please wait up to 6 weeks for all paperwork to be processed and then try again.

Question: How do I access Online Training from my iPad?

Step 1:
On your home screen, locate and open the app: Mobile App icon

If you need to install the app onto your iPad, please download it from the App Store: Ass Store Mobile App icon FAQ Screen Step 1 - Mobile App


Step 2:

Select the Web Portal Access option.

Enter in the URL field.  Select Go. FAQ Screen Step 2 - Web Portal Access


Step 3:

Enter your campus username and password.  Select Login. FAQ Screen Step 3 - Campus Login


Step 4:

Welcome to!

There are numerous ways you can browse training topics:

  • Select a topic from the list at the top of the page
  • Type the topic into the search field in the upper right corner of the page
  • Click on the expansion icon in the upper left to search by Subject, Software or Author
    • From here, you can also view My Courses and Downloads.
    • From here, you can also access Support and Feedback or Log Out. FAQ Screen Step 4a - Welcome FAQ Screen Step 4b - Welcome