Networks and Connectivity

The Network Infrastructure team is responsible for the operation, design, installation, security, and maintenance of the campus data network, including the various methods of connecting to the university’s network backbone (wired, wireless, VPN, etc.)

Wireless Network

Wireless networking allows CSUDH faculty, staff, students, to access resources securely from locations where wiring is not available.  Visitors can access the open wireless network which provides http and https access only.  Whether you are using a mobile device or a laptop, go to to obtain instructions on how to log into the wireless network.

VPN Access

VPN services provide access to the CSUDH network securely from a remote location, CSUDH has implemented Juniper Networks SSLvpn technology. SSLvpn is a web based technology and does not require installation and configuration of a client software on a remote PC.

Request a Static IP Address

Faculty and staff who require remote access to a campus computer via VPN, must request a static IP for that computer through a helpdesk ticket.  In addition, other network devices may require a static IP address for proper communication.  Students may not request a static IP address.

Request Network Cabling Quote

Faculty and staff may request a quote for network cabling through a helpdesk ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have questions regarding network services, please check the FAQ page before creating a helpdesk ticket.

FAQ Page

Create a Helpdesk ticket