Recreation & Leisure Studies

Recreation & Leisure Studies

The Recreation and Leisure Studies program has suspended admission of new and/or transfer students into the Bachelor of Arts and Minor programs effective Fall 2009. Please contact the College of Health, Human Services, and Nursing Office of the Dean at (310) 243-2046 for additional information.

The Recreation and Leisure Studies Program is affiliated with the Division of Kinesiology and Recreation. Recreation and Leisure Studies is a discipline concerned with the study and research of the public, private and commercial service systems that provide opportunities for meaningful leisure activity. The program offers a major and a minor.


Students in Recreation and Leisure Studies enjoy rich opportunities for a wide variety of direct leadership and supervisory field experiences in recreation, park agencies, and non-profit organizations. Students serve internships in recreation and park departments, schools, child care centers, corporations, youth centers, YM/YWCAs, convalescent homes, rehabilitation centers, private and state hospitals, and with private therapeutic recreation agencies. Coursework for certification at the state and national levels in therapeutic recreation is offered.

Career Opportunities

The Recreation and Leisure Studies major prepares students to work as leaders, coordinators, and supervisors who can manage a wide range of recreation and leisure service agencies. The interdisciplinary nature of the curriculum leads to recreation career opportunities in parks, playgrounds, schools, child care centers, hospitals, youth clubs, health clubs, YM/YWCAs, corporations, and commercial leisure ventures. The commercial recreation venture, such as hotels, resorts and tourist agencies, is a growing area for employment opportunities. The field of theraeutic recreation offers careers in hospitals, retirement homes, prisons, rehabilitation centers and the community.

The Recreation and Leisure Studies minor enables students to concentrate their coursework in municipal, commercial or therapeutic recreation.