BA Requirements

Thirty (30) units are required for the major. Required classes are rotated, giving students the opportunity to finish their upper-division classes within two years. Required classes are offered evenings, weekends, or online. Each class is worth 3 units.

A total of 120 units are needed for the BA.

A Bachelor’s in Labor Studies requires 30 units in one of a number of approved courses.

One course is a required “capstone” course: LBR 490, which may be substituted with LBR 496.

Selected courses that have been pre-approved to be combined for a Labor Studies Degree include:

  • LBR 411: Contracts and Negotiations
  • LBR 412: Labor Law
  • LBR 496s: Practicum in Labor Studies
  • LBR 200: Labor and the Environment
  • LBR 310: Success and Values
  • LBR 312: Decade of the 60s
  • LBR 314: The American Dream
  • SOC 315: Sociology of Work
  • HRM 316: Labor & Industrial Relations

Many more courses can be considered for approval toward a Labor Studies Bachelor’s degree. Visit our Course Offerings page to download a complete list of Approved Electives.