Career Possibilities and Testimonials

Labor Studies prepares students for a wide range of jobs in the labor movement, government, non-profits, and the corporate world. The department of Human Resource Management works closely with our program, and students learn the ropes of labor relations from both sides.

Many of our graduates are organizers, researchers, business representatives, or hold a range of other sought-after positions.

Students who are interested in obtaining a professional degree or go on to graduate study have also found the major versatile and useful.

Here’s what graduates of CSUDH Labor Studies are doing and saying:

My undergraduate Labor Studies degree from Dominguez Hills has made it possible for me to pursue multiple careers in the labor movement, in labor law enforcement and in the analysis of political issues pertaining to workers and their rights.  I have worked as a union steward, an investigator for the U.S. Department of Labor and also for many trade unions; the experience and immersion in labor issues, history, economics and law I received at CSUDH has been a constant presence in my work.
Michael McGrorty, Analyst,
PIPE Trust Los Angeles
Labor Studies, 1985

I graduated from CSUDH in 2000 with a BA in Labor Studies.  Thanks to the high quality instructors and courses in the Labor Studies Department, I was prepared to go out and find employment in my desired field. Within months of graduation I was hired by the California School Employees Association as a Labor Relations Representative.  The work is very rewarding and, as a bonus, pays well.   CSEA represents nearly 230,000 workers, making it the largest classified school employee union in the nation.
Amy Madore, Labor Relations Rep,
California School Employees Association
Labor Studies, 2000

As I look back on my time at CSUDH, I’m especially glad I majored in Labor Studies.  My decision has been an eye-opening experience. I’ve come away with a greater understanding of the complex role labor plays in our ever-changing society. Interning with the Teamsters Port Division of Los Angeles, I’ve been able to witness history in the making, and to see how beneficial labor unions are for our democracy.
Roberto Vazquez, Photographer
Labor Studies and Communications, 2008

from a sociology major:
The labor studies program was a great influence for me.  I am currently in graduate school working on my master's in social work, and many of the theories and things that I learned in the labor studies classes have been helpful in my classes now.  Things like learning about the power people have to create change in their lives and in history, learning about how big corporations affect the economy and the world in a globalized society, learning about how to negotiate a contract with management in a labor dispute.  All of these things have helped me in the school of social work because I am learning about community organizing and the way power is used to oppress people and the way oppressed people use their power to fight back.
Maggie Gomez,
Sociology, 2008