Program Description

Norma Rae discussionLabor Studies is an interdepartmental program. This means that along with specialized courses in labor studies, students also take related classes in fields such as history, sociology and economics.  Students thus acquire a solid liberal arts education, as well as extensive training in the more practical aspects of labor studies.

Thirty (30) units are required for the major.  Required classes are rotated, giving students the opportunity to finish their upper-division classes within two years. Most classes are offered evenings or weekends, and, in some cases, online. Each class is worth 3 units.
A total of 120 units are needed for the BA.

Selected classes  that may be combined for a Labor Studies Degree:

LBR 411 - Contracts and Negotiations  
LBR 412 - Labor Law
LBR 496s Practicum in Labor Studies
SOC 315 Sociology of Work
HRM 316 Labor & Industrial Relations

and many more:

  • Labor Leadership in LA
  • Labor and Industrial Relations
  • Sociology of Work
  • Labor in American Society 
  • Women and Work,
  • Gender and Globalization
  • Social Documentation,
  • Literature, Class, and Work
  • Labor and Film,
  • Labor and Ethnicity
  • Labor Economics 
  • Labor-Management Relations in Government
  • Organizational Communication
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Financial Accounting
  • Chicano and Latino History, 
  • Immigration and Citizenship
  • Comparative Ethnic and Global Societies
  • Negotiation Theory
  • Negotiation and Labor Conflict