Collections by Major

(some suggestions, but not a comprehensive list)

Asian-Pacific Studies

Asian-Pacific Collections
Rancho San Pedro Collection (includes documents on Chinese and Japanese farmers)

Chicana/Chicano Studies

Rancho San Pedro Collections (specifically Rancho San Pedro Collection)
Political Posters and Newspapers Collection (including issues of "La Raza")


Local newspapers from 1895-1960s


Rare Book Collections:
Glen Schwendeman Collection (items relevant to ENG 306)
Newbery Honors Collection (items relevant to ENG 308)
Buckner Collection (items relevant to ENG 341)


South Bay Photograph Collection (including aerial photographs of the South Bay)


HIS 340, 341 and 342:
Rancho San Pedro Collections
South Bay/Local History Collections
Asian-Pacific Collections (including items on the Japanese experience in WWII)

HIS 345 and 346:
Rancho San Pedro Collections

HIS 379 and 380:
Rancho San Pedro Collections (items documenting the Dominguez family and the roles of the six Dominguez sisters)

Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding Program

Kenneth Cloke Collection

Philosophy and Religious Studies

Glen Schwendeman Rare Book Collection

Political Science

Glenn M. Anderson Collection
Political Poster and Newspaper Collection (items relevant to POL 370)

Women's Studies

Buckner Collection of Rare Books (topical and background materials)