Library Research Help Policy

University Library Research Help Policy

Questions Librarians & Research Assistants Can & Cannot Answer

The library provides research assistance to students, faculty, and staff through a variety of in person and online methods. Services include working with patrons to identify information needs, find and evaluate sources, create search strategies, manage research, give proper credit to sources, and conduct other research related activities. Our staff do not conduct research for users, but rather they facilitate the development of patrons’ information literacy skills by teaching them how to conduct research themselves. In addition, library staff do not assist with proofreading or writing mechanics nor interpret statistical, legal, or medical information.

Responding To Electronically Submitted Questions

Questions submitted by email or text message after 9 p.m. will be answered the following business day.


Users may lose chat privileges and be blocked from the system if they fail to adhere to the University Library’s Code of Conduct.

Research Consultation Appointments

For research inquiries requiring more than ten minutes of one-on-one assistance, students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to schedule a research appointment with a librarian. It is recommended but not required to schedule the appointment with the corresponding subject liaison librarian.

Appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the requested appointment time. Appointments can be cancelled up until the start time of the appointment. Users are requested to cancel their appointment either through the system-generated confirmation email or directly with the librarian before the start time of the appointment. Librarians will hold the appointment time for 15 minutes before cancelling the remainder of the appointment as a no-show.