Borrowing & Renewals

Book Loan Policies

CSUDH Book Loan Policies

Borrowing Privileges

CSUDH Community

 Checkout LimitsRequired IdentificationLoan PeriodsRenewals
Undergraduate & Graduate Students30CSUDH ID Card16 weeks 
Thesis Students30CSUDH ID Card16 weeks 
Extended Education Students30Extended Education ID Card
Government Issued Photo ID
16 weeks 
Faculty / Staff Members100CSUDH ID Card52 weeks 
Alumni5Active Alumni Association Card
Government Issued Photo ID
28 days3
Emeriti Faculty / Staff100CSUDH Emeriti ID Card
Government Issued Photo ID
6 months1
Other CSUDH Affiliates5CSUDH Library Card28 days3
CSUDH Library Associates5CSUDH Library Card28 days3
CSU Students, Faculty & Staff10Valid CSU ID Card60 days 

Colleges & Schools With Reciprocal Agreements

 Checkout LimitsRequired IdentificationLoan PeriodsRenewals
El Camino & Compton College Students10Valid Student ID Card
CSUDH Library Card
28 days3
Pathways To Success Program Students10Valid Student ID Card
CSUDH Library Card
Current Photo ID
28 days3
AP High School Students5Valid Student ID Card
CSUDH Library Card
Current Photo ID
28 days3
CAMS Students5Valid Student ID Card
CSUDH Library Card
Current Photo ID
28 days3

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Borrower Responsibilities

  • Note due dates for materials borrowed from the CSUDH Library
  • Renew or return borrowed materials on or before the due date
  • Return materials to the Book Pick-Up & Check-Out desk or the return bins on or before the due date
  • Return overdue materials to the Book Pick-Up & Check-Out desk or the return bins immediately
  • Return course reserve materials at the Course Reserve desk
  • Exercise care in handling all library materials
  • Report damage of library materials prior to checkout
  • Monitor email notices from the library regarding overdue items, fines, holds, etc
  • Be accountable for all activity that takes place on your library account
  • Pay any applicable fees or fines, and provide the Book Pick-Up & Check-Out desk with a CSUDH cashiers receipt of payment for any lost, damaged, or overdue materials
  • Have a current email address on file
  • Notify circulation staff of any address and email changes
  • Notify circulation staff if your CSUDH or library card is lost or has been stolen

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Mutual Use & CSU+

You can obtain materials from any other library in the CSU system by using the CSU+ system, or at individual campuses by presenting your valid CSUDH identification card along with proof of current status.

Loan periods for materials borrowed via CSU+ are determined by the lending CSU Campus and will either be 30 days or 60 days.

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CSUDH students, faculty, and staff enjoy longer loan periods of either 16 weeks or 52 weeks. Renewals will not be granted. Users wishing to renew materials must bring the book back to the library to be processed. If no holds are on the item after they are returned in the system, the user may check out the item again.

Outside users with loan periods of 4 weeks may renew books up to 3 times by logging into their library accounts or by visiting the Book Pick-Up & Check-Out desk. Overdue books may be renewed as long as outstanding or accrued fines do not exceed $9.75. Reserve materials may not be renewed.

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Searches, Recalls, & Holds

Patrons may place a search request on materials that are not found on the shelves but are listed as not checked out in the system. Likewise, patrons may place a hold on books that are checked out in person at the circulation desk. Once the requested materials are located, the patron will be notified by email that his or her items are ready for pickup. If more than one patron has requested the same item, the request will be handled in the order received.

Materials that have circulated longer than 28 days are subject to recall by other borrowers. Patrons may recall an item at the circulation desk by supplying either the item title or call number.

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Billing Notices

It is the responsibility of each borrower to know when their materials are due. As a courtesy, when materials become overdue, the library will send a reminder notice or overdue notice. Failure to receive this notice is not grounds for the cancellation of fines. All library notices are sent via campus-issued email when possible. It is your responsibility to keep the library informed on changes of mailing address and email address.

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Overdue Charges

Patrons are responsible for returning or renewing items by their due date. Fines begin accruing as soon as the material becomes overdue and continues to accrue whether the library is open or not.

  • Hourly Reserve Items
    $1.00 per hour or fraction thereof per item. An item is billed for replacement once it is 1 day overdue.
  • Daily Reserve Items
    $1.00 per day per item. An item is billed for replacement once it is 1 day overdue.

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Replacement Charges

Replacement bills are issued when patrons fail to return or renew checked out materials. Books from the general collection are considered lost 30 days after the due date. Reserve materials are considered lost and billed at an accelerated rate based upon their due date and times.

Each bill includes the following: a bill processing fee, a replacement charge for the item, and the maximum overdue fine per item. The current replacement fee is $65.00 per item or the actual cost of the item, whichever is higher. Neither the bill processing fee nor the maximum overdue charge is refundable.

Item CostReplacement CostProcessing FeeMaximum Overdue ChargeTotal Replacement Charge
$65.00 or less$65.00$20.00$25.00$110.00
Greater than $65.00Item Cost$20.00$25.00Item Cost + $45.00

Materials billed for replacement which are returned within 6 months of the original due date will have the replacement charge reduced to the Bill Processing fee ($20.00) plus the maximum overdue fine ($25.00). Note that in some cases, a patron may avoid replacement charges by supplying the library with a replacement copy of the same volume/edition or an acceptable substitute. For more information regarding acceptability of a replacement, contact Wendolyn Vermeer, Collection Services Coordinator, by email or telephone (310) 243-3134.

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