Toro Textbook Library Program

Toro Textbook Library Program

The University Library is collaborating with the University Bookstore to help students succeed and save money on their education. The library is now making some textbooks available for courses through course reserves using the following guidelines for initial selection:

  1. Expensive textbooks with a cost of over $50.
  2. Courses where students have historically struggled to complete successfully, often receiving lower grades or incompletes.
  3. Courses with high enrollment (i.e. 40 or more students), across multiple sections.
  4. High-use textbooks in course reserves (i.e. 20 or more check-outs within the last academic year), where the library has limited copies available.

For selected textbooks, the library will acquire 1 textbook for course reserves for every 40 students enrolled.

Note: Textbooks already owned by the library will be included in this number.

Ex. If the Library owns 1 textbook being used for a course with 120 students enrolled, we will acquire 2 additional copies from the University Bookstore.

Textbooks selected meet most of these guidelines; however, the library retains the right to modify these guidelines in future semesters to accommodate student needs and cultivate student success.

If your course is selected for this program, you will be notified via email at the beginning of the semester. Thank you for everything you do to help our students succeed!

For questions or concerns relating to this program, please contact Chris Acosta (x3678).