Student FAQs

How do I access my online student account information?

Your MBA Online account is the same as your My.CSUDH, Toroweb or Blackboard acccount.
If you forget your password, you can retrieve it here online.

Where can I find technical support information?

Students can submit a helpdesk ticket for technology related issues here. For students having login or email issues, University IT can assist you. If you are having issues with finding your courses or navigating Blackboard, please contact the IT Help Desk at 310.243.2500.

Why do I have to use my student email address? Should I keep my personal email information currrent?

To protect student information communication, it is important that all students use their Toro email communication with University staff and faculty. Your student email is also tied to your online courses and will not be using your personal email information. We do still want to have your personal email communication as a secondary point of contact information. 

How do I check my grades?

You can login to MY.CSUDH.EDU to check your grade online. If you have any technical problem, please call (310) 243-2500 or submit your support request here.

What if I want to take a break from school?

In order to maintain your student status, you must be enrolled continuously in an academic calendar (Fall and Spring semesters). If, for whatever reason you need to "stop out", please contact the MBA Program Coordinator in advance for advice on what actions can be taken to preserve your student status. Students may withdraw from courses within the allowed timeframe.

Students can also take an Education Planned Leave for up to one year. Students must submit the Leave request prior to the first day of the semester of the planned leave. If students fail to register for courses in the Fall and Spring semester, the student will be inactive. Students who wish to reactivate their student status must submit a new application through for the next matriculating semester to continue in the MBA program. Students do not need to resubmit application materials such as transcripts when seeking readmission.

How do I withdraw or drop a course?

In order to withdraw from or drop a class, you must contact both the MBA Program Coordinator and the instructor in writing that you will be dropping a course. University refund and withdrawal policies takes precedent.

I want to appeal my grade.

A student who thinks he or she has a basis for a grade appeal will first seek to resolve the matter informally with the instructor of record (or other appropriate individual).  For a student to be able to proceed with a grade appeal, the student must have met with the faculty member within one regular semester session of the time the student knew or should have known of the problem or dispute, unless there is a prior agreement for extension between the student and the Chair of the Student Grade Appeals Board. If the matter is not worked out informally within five classroom days to the satisfaction of the parties, the student or his/her representative may send the grade appeal in writing to the dean of the school. Instructions for this submission are outlined in the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook, Volume 1. If the matter is not resolved in the School within the time limits specified, the appeal is forwarded to the Student Grade Appeals Board.  Students should follow the procedures detailed in the Students Rights and Responsibilities Handbook for filing this appeal.

Where is the bookstore and Library? 

CSUDH offers a full service bookstore on campus. Through the bookstore's website, you are able to order most instructional books and materials online. 

Visit Bookstore at:
Visit Library at:

Can I get Financial Aid?

Financial aid is available to eligible students. Students must be US citizens or permanent residents, did not default on previous student loans, and be enrolled at least six units per University semester. Students must submit a FAFSA in order for the Office of Financial Aid to process financial aid funds.

What is the refund policy?

Refund policies are adhered to by University policies. There are different refund schedules depending on the duration of the course. Please review the policies here.

 Stop payments on checks or non-payment are NOT an acceptable withdrawal from the course(s) and will result in a financial penalty.

What is plagiarism?

The University encourages students to develop critical reading skills, effective communication and intellectual honesty. All academic work submitted by a student should be in his or her own style, words, and form. Any work submitted that is not original work is considered plagiarism.

Plagiarism is considered a gross violation of the University's academic and disciplinary standards. Plagiarism includes the following: copying work by another and claiming it, false presentation of individual work as author or creator, falsely taking credit for another's unique method or expression, falsely representing oneself as the source of creative and academic work, or not properly crediting another's work within the individual's own academic work. Plagiarism is cause for formal University discipline and instructors can assign a lower or failing grade for the course where plagiarism has occurred. Learn more about academic integrity.


Can I transfer credits into the program?

Students are limited to a maximum of 9 units that may be transferred into the program. Prior coursework must be equivalent to the MBA curriculum and must be within five years from date of graduation from the MBA program. Coursework could not have been used for another degree. All units earned within the MBA curriculum must be within five years of graduation or coursework will not be considered. This time limit is in effect for transferred coursework and coursework earned while in the MBA program. 

How do I change my contact information?

You can update your student information on Click on Student Center to access your student information.