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 2019 SESSION #4 (9/23/2019 - 12/15/2019)  


Updated: 9/12/2019

Core and elective courses

  1. ACC 502.41: Advanced Topics in Accounting
    Prof. C. Ilter

    Horngren`s Cost Accounting: A Managerial Emphasis, by Srikant M. Datar & Madhav V.  Rajan, 16th Edition, ISBN# 978-0134475585, Pearson Publishers.

  2. CIS 540.41: Data Warehousing and Data Mining
    Prof. W.C. Wong

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  3. MGT 500.41: Human Behavior in Organizations
    Prod. L. Lai

    Robbins & Judge (2016). Organizational Behavior (17th ed.). ISBN: 978-0134103983

  4. MGT 590.41: Strategic Management
    Prof. W. Brice

    1) Arthur A. Thompson, Jr., A.J. Strickland III, John E. Gamble and Margaret A. Peteraf (2018).  Crafting and executing strategy, The Quest for Competitive Advantage, Concepts and Cases, 21e edition, McGraw-Hill.  ISBN-13: 978-1-259-73278-2 (available in looseleaf, paperback, or digital).

    2) BSG Online Simulation (https://www.bsg-online.com).
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  5. MGT 595.41: Training
    Prof. J. Federman

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  6. MKT 501.41: Marketing Information Management
    Prof. C.W. Chen

    1) Essentials of Marketing Research, 4th Edition William G. Zikmund, Barry J. Babin, 2010. ISBN-13: 9781305263475
    2) R for Marketing Research and Analytics, by Chris Chapman and Elea McDonnell Feit, 2015. ISBN-13: 9783319144351

Bridge Course:

  1. BUS 495.43: Operations Management/Business Statistics
    Prof. H. Pourmohammadi 

    Essentials of Business Analytics, 2nd Edition by Camm, Cochram, Fry, Ohlmann, Anderson, Sweeney, Williams., Cengage Learning Publication, 2017 bundled with “MindTap” package: ISBN: 9781337128636​.

  2. BUS 495.44: Management Information Systems
    Prof. J. Kawibowo 

    Effy Oz, Management Information Systems, 6th edition, ISBN:1423901789.

    Harvard Business Review (HBR) Cases:
    1. Cisco: Web-enablement
    2. Harley Davidson Motor Co: Enterprise Software Selection

    HBR Cases ($4.25 each case) can be purchased directly below:

  3. BUS 495.45: Management/Business Law 
    Prof. M. Riojas

    1) Montana, Patrick J., & Charnov, Bruce H. 2008. Management, 4th edition, ISBN 978-0-7641-39314.
    2) Emerson, Robert W., & Hardwicke, John W. 2009. Business Law, 5th edition, ISBN 978-0-7641-42406.

MBA On-Campus Textbooks

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