About MCA

About Multicultural Affairs


Multicultural Affairs supports and empowers equitable participation and free expression that build intercultural fluency and allow students to be successful during their academic experience and in their future careers. We achieve this through the following functions:

  • Supporting development and operations for network entities
  • Creating high-impact programs
  • Delivering direct student support activities
  • Providing resources and responses as needed
  • Driving personal and professional growth
  • Linking assessment, research, and analysis with initiatives


Created in 1994 by a coalition of students, faculty, and staff, MCA strives to address and redress the legacies of exclusion and separation on campus and in the nation, while contributing to the advancement of democratic inclusion, social justice and meaningful equality. Originally housed in the Social and Behavioral Sciences Building (SBS) and later in Welch Hall, MCA moved into its office in Loker Student Union in January, 2007 .


A network of campus partnerships and resources that form an inclusive and multicultural community where we honor intersectionalities. This network increases the quality of student experiences toward an exemplary academic education and timely degree completion by providing:

  • Gathering places that help students feel safe and validated
  • A sense of connection and inclusion
  • Stronger critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Opportunities for leadership development
  • Awareness of choices that lead to personal agency
  • Challenges to one’s own thinking about complex issues in the larger world
  • Resources for professors who can induce students to participate in new or unfamiliar experiences
  • Ways for CSUDH to include and involve students outside the classroom in broad-based learning

Celebrating our Diversity:

CSUDH is ranked as one of the most diverse college campuses in the nation (US News and World Report). In addition, we have a strong international program which includes students representing 108 different countries.

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