Prospective Students

Admissions Requirements

  1. Completion of the Graduate Record Examination General Aptitude Test; an average GPA of 3.5 waives this requirement, as does a previously acquired masters in another field.
  2. Completion of a B.A. degree from an accredited college or university;
  3. A grade point average of 3.0 (B) or better in the most recent 60 semester units of upper division course work undertaken as a student.
  4. Those meeting the minimum requirements will be asked to submit written statements about themselves, their backgrounds, interests, and experiences. These statements will be reviewed by an admissions committee, which will then interview qualified candidates.

Classified Standing and Conditionally Classified Status

Only students who have met all requirements as noted under “Preparation” for the M.S. in Marital and Family Therapy Program will be considered for admission with “Classified” standing. Students who lack any or all of the admission requirements may be considered for admission into the program with “Conditionally Classified” standing. This would allow them to enroll in the University to correct their deficiencies, and also permit them to take up to nine semester units of graduate course work which could apply toward their degree if and when “Classified” standing has been established. Please note that admission to Conditionally Classified Standing does not assure that a student will achieve Classified Standing in the program.

Requirements for Advancement to Candidacy

Candidacy status denotes successful completion of the academic coursework portion of a student’s graduate program. Completion of academic classes (does not include fieldwork) allows the student to take the written qualifying examination, which is offered during the student’s last semester of study. It includes a positive review of all graduate work by the coordinator. See the "Graduate Degrees and Post Baccalaureate Studies" section for complete requirements for Advancement to Candidacy.

How To Begin

  1. Contact the Student Services Center via phone or email to receive further information on the program or make an appointment with an advisor to go over the degree.
  2. Submit a University Admission Application with a $70.00 (non-refundable) application fee. The application can be submitted at
Fall ApplicationSpring Application
Application OpensOctober 1stAugust 1st
Application DeadlinesFebruary 1stOctober 1st

The MFT Program at CSUDH is one of the very few programs that will offer a SPRING Cohort.To take advantage of this unique opportunity please inquire and apply NOW. Deadline is October 1. So, all materials must reach our office in October. Good luck and best wishes!


  1. An official transcript is required from each college or university attended. Send transcripts directly to Admissions and Records, and to the MFT department. Additionally, request a copy to be sent directly to you for your personal portfolio and for use with your advisor when discussing your program. Transcripts should be ordered at least 4 weeks prior to the respective deadline date, and it is strongly suggested that prior schools send all transcripts directly to you so can forward them to CSUDH Admissions and Records office directly. Transcripts are “official” as long as they are not opened.
  2. Submit supplemental materials to the MFT department: the 2-3 page minimum autobiography, official copies of all transcripts, and letters of recommendation, which are required. These materials MUST be submitted to the department simultaneously with the university application.

At any time, you may check your application status by calling (310) 243-3645 or via MyCSUDH. Because the application process takes about six to eight weeks, it is strongly suggested that you check your application status three to four weeks after submission to ensure that your materials are being processed.