Pre-requisite Courses

Bridge Courses

The MPA curriculum has been expanded to include a two-course sequence on quantitative methodology in Public Administration and new Elective courses. Effective Fall 2021, students must complete a total of 11 Core and 3 Electives courses to earn the degree. Additionally, under the new curriculum, Bridge courses will no longer be required for degree completion.

Students admitted to the program Fall 2021 and beyond will no longer be required to complete bridge courses.

Students admitted prior to Fall 2021, and who were deemed to be deficient in undergraduate preparation or experience, will adhere to old Bridge course requirements as noted below. Bridge courses must be completed with a grade of “B” or higher:

  • PUB 495 Fundamentals of Public Administration (2)
    Analysis of the role of public administration within the American political system and the concordant functions and responsibilities of public sector and administrators; discussion of administrative ethics; overview of public sector administrative and managerial processes.

  • PUB 495 Applied Statistics in Public Administration (2)
    Prospective students must have taken this course within three (3) years of the first semester of starting the MPA program. Course work must include use of SPSS, a statistical operations and analysis software. Role and application of statistical analysis in public management; review of mathematics and statistical functions; use of statistics in planning and decision-making functions; introduction to the uses and application of computer technology.

  • PUB 495 Fundamentals of Financial Resource Administration (2)
    Research administrative and political considerations of fiscal policy, the budgetary process and fiscal controls, financial management and planning, government and the economy, intergovernmental fiscal relations and nature of grants-in-aid, alternate revenue sources, and contemporary issues.

Applicants may also take the equivalent undergraduate 3-unit courses at CSUDH. The following courses will satisfy the prerequisite requirements:

  • PUB 300, PUB 303, PUB 304 or MGT 310 will satisfy the introduction to public administration requirement.

  • PUB 302 will satisfy the financial resource administration requirement.

  • PUB 305 or CJA 341 will satisfy the statistics requirement.

Applicants may choose to take the equivalent undergraduate courses at another institution. Please refer to the Course Catalog for these undergraduate course descriptions.