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MPA Online 8-Week Schedule 2021

MPA Online Schedule: Specialized Concentrations 
(Health Care, Nonprofit, or Criminal Justice) 

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Specialized concentration students follow the cohort schedule that is given to them when they are admitted to the program.  They take classes during each Spring, Summer, and Fall session.  Sessions are 16 weeks and consist of two sequential 8-week courses.  They may take two courses at a time their first 8 weeks depending on what bridge courses they are required to take (per their admissions letter).

Roadmaps: Spring and Fall Admits 

Calendar Dates: 2021

2021 Session/Term Dates

Spring Term 1: January 4 to Feb 28 / Term 2: March 1 to April 25
Summer Term 1: April 26 to June  20 / Term 2: June 28 to Aug 22
Fall Term 1: Aug 30 to October 24 / Term 2: October 25 to December 19

2021 MPA Online Schedule (8-week)

Spring 1TitleStart & End Dates
PUB 495.51Foundations of Public Administration1/4/2021-2/28/2021
PUB 495.52Administration of Financial Resources1/4/2021-2/28/2021
PUB 495.53Applied Statistics in Public Administration1/4/2021-2/28/2021
PUB 501.51Public Management1/4/2021-2/28/2021
PUB 572.51Legal Issues in Health Care Administration1/4/2021-2/28/2021
PUB 582.51Public and Nonprofit Financial Management1/4/2021-2/28/2021
CJA 566.51Issues in Homeland Security and Terrorism1/4/2021-2/28/2021
Spring 2TitleStart & End Dates
PUB 592.51Capstone: Integrative Seminar in Public Administration2/1/2021-4/25/2021
CJA 565.51Issues in Police Administration and Ethics3/1/2021-4/25/2021
PUB 500.51Environment and Practice of Public Administration3/1/2021-4/25/2021
PUB 502.51Administrative Theory and Behavior3/1/2021-4/25/2021
PUB 574.51Health Care Financial Management3/1/2021-4/25/2021
PUB 584.51Fundraising and Development for Nonprofit Management 3/1/2021-4/25/2021
Summer 1TitleStart & End Dates
PUB 302.45Administration of Financial Resources4/26/2021-6/20/2021
PUB 501.51Public Management4/26/2021-6/20/2021
PUB 504.51Quantitative Methods in Public Administration4/26/2021-6/20/2021
PUB 504.52Quantitative Methods in Public Administration4/26/2021-6/20/2021
PUB 508.51Public Human Resource Management4/26/2021-6/20/2021
Summer 2TitleStart & End Dates
PUB 502.51Administrative Theory and Behavior6/28/2021-8/22/2021
PUB 506.51Administration and Public Policy Analysis6/28/2021-8/22/2021
PUB 510.51Public Budgeting6/28/2021-8/22/2021
Fall 1TitleStart & End Dates
PUB 508.51Public Human Resource Management8/30/2021-10/24/2021
PUB 512.51Foundations of Ethical Administration8/30/2021-10/24/2021
PUB 500.51Environment and Practice of Public Administration8/30/2021-10/24/2021
PUB 592.51Capstone: Integrative Seminar in Public Administration9/27/2021-12/19/2021
Fall 2TitleStart & End Dates
CJA 563.51Administrative Law, Policy, and Analysis10/25/2021-12/19/2021
PUB 510.51Public Budgeting10/25/2021-12/19/2021
PUB 570.51Administration of Health Care Organizations10/25/2021-12/19/2021
PUB 580.51Nonprofit Leadership and Management10/25/2021-12/19/2021
PUB 501.51Public Management10/25/2021-12/19/2021

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Last updated: Feb 19, 2021