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MPA Online 12-Week Schedule 2021

MPA Online Schedule: Public Management Emphasis

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Courses in this emphasis are held in four 12-week terms. Click the link below to see the schedule of classes (subject to change).  Core courses are typically offered in the same sessions every year, while electives vary.

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Calendar Dates: 2021

2021 Calendar Dates
Session 1 - Spring: January 4 – March 28
Session 2 - Summer: April 5 - June 27
Session 3 - Fall I: June 28 - September 19
Session 4 - Fall II: September 27 - December 19

2021 MPA Online Schedule (12-week)

SpringTitleStart & End Dates
PUB 305.45Applied Statistics in Public Administration1/11/2021-4/4/2021
PUB 500.41Environment and Practice of Public Administration1/4/2021-3/28/2021
PUB 502.41Administrative Theory and Behavior1/4/2021-3/28/2021
PUB 520.41Leadership in the Public Sector1/4/2021-3/28/2021
PUB 512.41Foundations of Ethical Administration1/4/2021-3/28/2021
PUB 528.41Economics for the Public Manager1/4/2021-3/28/2021
PUB 592.41Capstone: Integrative Seminar in Public Admin1/4/2021-3/28/2021
SummerTitleStart & End Dates
PUB 302.45Administration of Financial Resources5/3/2021-8/15/2021
PUB 504.41Quantitative Methods in Public Administration4/5/2021-6/27/2021
PUB 508.41Public Human Resource Management4/5/2021-6/27/2021
CJA 563.41Administrative Law, Policy, and Analysis4/5/2021-6/27/2021
Fall 1TitleStart & End Dates
PUB 501.41Public Management6/28/2021-9/19/2021
PUB 506.41Administration and Public Policy Analysis6/28/2021-9/19/2021
PUB 512.41Foundations of Ethical Administration6/28/2021-9/19/2021
PUB 527.41Fundamentals of Qualitative Research 6/28/2021-9/19/2021
Fall 2TitleStart & End Dates
PUB 500.41Environment and Practice of Public Administration9/27/2021-12/19/2021
PUB 501.41Public Management9/27/2021-12/19/2021
PUB 504.41Quantitative Methods in Public Administration9/27/2021-12/19/2021
PUB 508.41Public Human Resource Management9/27/2021-12/19/2021
PUB 510.41Public Financial Management9/27/2021-12/19/2021
PUB 592.41Capstone: Integrative Seminar in Public Admin9/27/2021-12/19/2021
PUB 524.41Strategic Management & Planning in Public & Nonprofit Orgs 9/27/2021-12/19/2021

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