Department of Teacher Education

Teacher Education Department Programs

Multiple Subject Credential

The Multiple Subject Option prepares candidates to earn a Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, authorizing them to teach in a self-contained public classroom, usually grades kindergarten through six. 

Single Subject Credential

The Single Subject Option prepares candidates to complete their Preliminary Single Subject Credential authorizing them to teach a specific subject typically in public middle and high school classrooms in California. 

Bilingual Authorization (BILA) In Spanish

Pursue a highly sought-after bilingual authorization with your credential or through a certificate or MA program and work in dual language or bilingual settings. Learn more

MA in Education Curriculum and Instruction

The MA in Education – Curriculum & Instruction (C&I) option is designed for individuals committed to justice and equity in education. This program may be also be completed in combination with a credential. Learn more

MA in Dual Language Learning & Certificate in Dual Language Learning

Each program offers a unique set of courses and develops different methodological, pedagogical, and theoretical skill sets and is a pathway to the Bilingual Authorization in Spanish. Learn more

Teacher Induction Program [click here]