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Students must complete the following eight-step process to become a member:

  1. Attend an MSA Information Session
  2. Complete the Membership Interest Form
  3. Attend a 1:1 Check-In Meeting
  4. Attend a General Body Meeting
  5. Attend a Success Seminar Meeting
  6. Attend a MSA Gathering Event
  7. Attend a Suit Fitting
  8. Participate in Induction Ceremony (May 2022)
Upcoming Events

2020-2021 Information Sessions

Information Sessions are once a month. Our information sessions serve as an opportunity for students to learn about MSA, meet current MSA members and begin the membership process. 

2021-2022 General Body Meetings

General Body Meetings are held once a month. Meeting topics include leadership, social justice, and personal and professional development. Keynote speakers and campus guests lead GBMs through dialogue and reflection.

2021-2022 Student Success Seminars

Success Seminars are held once a month. Workshop topics include exploring campus resources, career preparation, and preparation for life after Dominguez Hills. Working collaboratively with campus partners, Student Success Seminars serve as a workshop space for students to proactively build skills for academic success.

2021-2022 Community Gatherings

MSA Community Gatherings are held on Saturday mornings once a month throughout the academic year. Our Community Gatherings focus the Male Success Alliance vision, culture, and rituals by honoring our chapter and local Los Angeles histories. Our Community Gatherings help our students build a sense of belonging and encourage identity exploration.

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