Degree Requirements

Once admitted, students must complete their program with a grade point average of at least 3.2.  All courses used to fulfill the requirements for the master's degree or the certificate must be passed with a grade of "B" or better. Subject to approval of the program director, no more than 10 units total can be included from other departments or universities, or be completed prior to formal admission to the master's degree program and 5 units for the post-master's certificate. Students must be in continuous attendance as defined elsewhere in the University Catalog. No course completed as part of another degree, and no course complete more than 5 years before the date of graduation, can be included toward the master's degree or certificate.

Each year the entering class for the degree or certificate program will be placed in a cohort. The program for each cohort will be designed for the orderly progression through the designated courses for the degree or certificate. The program for applicants admitted concerning the post-master's Certificate in Conflict Analysis and Resolution will be designed as dictated by the number of students entering this cohort annually.

All other university requirements specified in this University Catalog must be met (see the Graduate Degrees and Postbaccalaureate Studies section).


  1. Required Courses (24 units)
    NCR 500 | NCRP Skills, Concepts and Tools (3)
    NCR 503 | Ethics of Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding (3)
    NCR 504 | Theories of Conflict (3)
    NCR 507 | Seminar: Research Design and Interpretation (3)
    NCR 508 | Communication and Conflict (3)
    NCR 522 | Negotiation Tactics (3)
    NCR 525 | Mediation (3)
    NCR 544 | Alternative Dispute Resolution Processes (3)
  2. Elective Courses: (9-12 units) select 3-4 courses from the following:
    NCR 527 | Arbitration (3)
    NCR 529 | Internship in Conflict Resolution (3)
    NCR 530 | Online Dispute Resolution (3)
    NCR 531 | Marital and Family Mediation (3)
    NCR 532 | Dispute Resolution Clinical Studies (3)
    NCR 533 | Labor Conflict (3)
    NCR 535 | Organizational Conflict (3)
    NCR 536 | Dispute Resolution for Sports (3)
    NCR 537 | International Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding (3)
    NCR 538 | Seminar: Public Policy Conflict (3)
    NCR 540 | Seminar: Community Conflict (3)
    NCR 541 | Restorative Justice and Peacebuilding (3)
    NCR 542 | Collaborative Law (3)
    NCR 543 | Reducing School Violence Through Conflict Resolution (3)
    NCR 545 | Inter-cultural Conflict Resolution (3)
    NCR 546 | Conflict and the Media (3)
    MFT 580 | Cross-cultural Family Values and Behavior (3)
    MFT 584 | Legal and Ethical Aspects of Counseling (3)


  1. NCR 595 | Seminar in Special Topics (1-3) is offered as an elective on a selected basis, no one topic to exceed six units.
  2. NCR 525, NCR 527 OR NCR 544, as applicable may be added to this list of elective courses when not used as a required course.
  1. Capstone (3-6 units): Portfolio
    (or Thesis, if approved under special circumstances)