A. Marco Turk, J.D.

A. Marco Turk

College of Arts & Humanities

Negotiation, Conflict Resolution & Peacebuilding

Professor Emeritus

A. Marco Turk, J.D. is Professor Emeritus Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, and Peacebuilding (NCRP) at California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH). As its director, he created the current version of the NCRP program, and served as chair of the CSUDH 23-program Graduate Council (2005-2007), member of the University Curriculum Committee, and member of its Program Review Panel. He has been an innovative visionary in curriculum improvement and creation of new programs at CSUDH. In 2003, he became the first recipient of the “A. M. Turk Values” award established in his honor by the former CSUDH Negotiation & Conflict Management Alumni Association (now Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding Affinity Association).

Prior to his arrival at CSUDH in the fall of 2002, Professor Turk taught in the Global Peace and Conflict Studies Program and in the Department of Criminology, Law and Society at the University of California, Irvine, where he began his full-time academic career in 1995.  He is a certified community and trial court-qualified mediator, and serves on a panel of appellate mediators. A member of the State Bar of California since 1961, he is a former Los Angeles Superior Court temporary judge, American Arbitration Association arbitrator, and Southwestern Law School adjunct professor of law teaching Alternative Dispute Resolution. He established new family law in California concerning date of separation in determining division of community property; see In re Marriage of von der Nuell [1994], 23 CA4th 730, 28 CR2d 447.

In 2003, the State Bar Board of Governors appointed Professor Turk a member of its Committee on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) for a three-year term where he was active in advancing ADR in California and served as a ADR Committee panelist at both the 2005 and 2006 annual State Bar meetings. During 2006, he served as a consultant to the director of ADR services for the Los Angeles Superior Court. He is also a former Practitioner/Educator/Researcher member of the Association for Conflict Resolution, and serves as a member of the editorial board for its peer-reviewed journal, Conflict Resolution Quarterly (formerly Mediation Quarterly); and a member of the editorial board of the Alaska Journal of Dispute Resolution (University of Alaska Fairbanks).

Professor Turk is recognized internationally for his work as a peacebuilder, educator and trainer dealing with ethnic conflict. He was a Fulbright Senior Scholar in Conflict Resolution on the Eastern Mediterranean Island of Cyprus (1997-1999), and has made funded return trips in 2000, 2001, 2003, 2005, and 2008 to continue his peacebuilding work with both Greek and Turkish Cypriots.   He has published extensively concerning the Cyprus problem.  As part of his work in the area of negotiating ethnic conflict, Professor Turk designed a course in International Conflict Resolution for Loyola Law School (Los Angeles), which he taught as an adjunct professor of law in both the Loyola Juris Doctor (JD) and International LLM programs.  The course utilized the Cyrus problem as its case study.  Professor Turk also teaches International Dispute Settlement by Diplomatic Means as an adjunct professor of law for the Loyola Law School Summer Session in Cyprus.

Professor Turk was the featured graduation speaker at the 2005 Institute for International Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Middle East Symposium on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (Nicosia, Cyprus). In addition, his peacebuilding efforts have extended to Norway, Israel, Turkey, England and Nigeria (where he was a featured presenter at the 1st African ADR Summit [Power of Change 2006]), as well as to both coasts of the United States. In October 2003, he participated as one of only two Americans invited to attend the Oxford University international workshop on "Getting to Yes" regarding efforts to reunify Cyprus.

As part of his continuing work with the Cyprus Fulbright Commission through the U.S. State Department, Professor Turk conducted a two-week education/training program for six Cypriot family court judges in the Los Angeles area in August 2004, dealing with family law in a federal system. His two earlier Fulbright/State Department education/training programs in the USA for Cypriots (lawyers, judges, law professors, and police) have dealt with: (1) the administration of justice, and (2) community policing, in the United States. During the summer of 2005, he returned to Cyprus with Dr. John Winslade and Dr. Gerald Monk to conduct advanced narrative mediation training programs through the Fred J. Hansen Institute for World Peace (San Diego State University).  In November 2006, he was invited to participate at San Diego State University with Drs. Winslade and Monk in the Cyprus Forum that hosted six Cypriot academicians under the auspices of the Hansen Institute.