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Abraham Lincoln and Mexico

Source: AmazonThe Mexican War was a preemptive invasion by US forces with the primary purpose of acquiring California, and a land route across the southwest to connect the Atlantic with the Pacific. It was unjustified and unconstitutional. It resulted in the largest land acquisition in modern history. More than half of Mexico was taken by the stroke of a pen and that country was relegated to Third World status; whereas the United States with its acquisition of 1,972,550 km² (761,606 sq. mi.) of new territory, “from sea to shining sea,” rose to be a world power with deep ports on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. From the seized territories, the US carved out the present-day states of California, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada, along with parts of Kansas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming. In addition, the lower part of Texas from the Nueces River to the Rio Grande became officially part of the US. Michael Hogan, Guadalajara, Jalisco, México

Lincoln and Mexico Project (LAMP) is an educational and cultural project designed to inform educators, students, and the general public about the relationship of Mexico’s history and Abraham Lincoln. The project is based on the book “Abraham Lincoln and Mexico,” which a copy is in the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library in Springfield, Illinois.

 Lecturer: Sylvia N. Contreras, OLLI Member, Public Relations representative for “Lincoln and Mexico Project”

  Saturday, March 31 |  Add to Google Calendar
10:00am – 12:00pm

 Extended Education Building, EE-1213 (Auditorium)

Fee: Free to OLLI Members and the Public

OLLI Members Only:
NLLL 251 Section 04 - Course No. 23829

Non-OLLI Members Only:
NLLL 251 Section 05 - Course No. 23830

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Spanish Patriots during the American Revolution

A brief background history of the involvement and the contributions by the Spanish Government and the Spanish Patriots to the Continental Congress and to George Washington’s Army during the American Revolution. The contributions named include both monetary and military support. She will speak of the Spanish military battles fought on land and sea against the British during the period from 1779-1783. Notable Spaniards will be named who played important roles in assisting the Colonist in our fight for independence. Among the notable patriots are the thousands of Spanish soldiers that lived in the presidios (forts) along the borderland states from Florida to California. Today, many descendants of these Spanish Soldiers and Sailors have researched and found out that their ancestors participated in or supported our American Revolution.

 Lecturer: Letty Peña Rodella is a retired educator and President of Society of Hispanic Historical and Ancestral Research (SHHAR) in Orange, CA.

  Saturday, March 17 |  Add to Google Calendar
10:00am – 12:00pm

  Extended Education Building, EE-1213 (Auditorium)

Fee: Free to OLLI Members and the Public

OLLI Members Only:
NLLL 251 Section 02 | Course No. 23827

Non-OLLI Members Only:
NLLLL 251 Section 03 | Course No. 23828

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Genealogy Series

The Los Angeles Family History Library (LAFH) and OLLI Members will offer courses to provide resources and instructions for members interested in additional Family and Genealogy Research.

genealogy April 6
Ancestry.com/Family History Search:

An overview of both websites. Understanding and instructions on how to research records and materials located on these sites.

April 20
Finding Birth, Marriage and Death Records:

Locating the records that are specific to the family history and documenting the search using ancestry.com familysearch.org and findagrave.com.

May 4
U.S. Census:

Overview of the 1790-1940 Census and the information that was obtained from the interviews of families listed. How to read the 1850 & 1860 Slave Schedules.

May 18
Wills, Probates, Land Records, Property and Deeds:

What these documents are and what information can be retrieved for family research.

 Facilitator/Instructor: LAFHL Instructor/OLLI Member

  4 Fridays |  Add to Google Calendar
April 6, 20
May 4, 18

1:30pm – 3:30pm

  Extended Education Building, EE-1222

Fee: Free to OLLI Members

NLLL 155 Section 05 | Course No. 23818

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