The mission of the College of Business Administration and Public Policy (CBAPP) is to educate the leaders who shape the future. This is accomplished by providing an opportunity to acquire a nationally accredited professional education for a successful career. Our primary focus and commitment is to excellence in teaching by engaging our students in a personal, supportive learning environment. Each CBAPP concentration was designed to provide students with both theoretical and applied bodies of knowledge regarding business or public management and administration.

Upon completion of the major, students will be able to:

  1. apply organizational leadership ideas to real-world concepts, as well as to theoretical and practical problems related to an occupation (Critical Thinking),
  2. demonstrate understanding of occupational leadership skills in exams, in course papers, through group discussions, and in final projects (Disciplinary Proficiency),
  3. organize and explain ideas and solve problems using conventions of academic and professional writing (Writing Skills),
  4. design a professional development plan for a future career which may include changes in careers or objectives (Career Planning),
  5. demonstrate integration of technical, management, and liberal arts knowledge and skills in the current work settings (Integration and Synthesis), and
  6. locate and identify high-quality and valuable information sources related to issues in problems in the field, as well as evaluate information with respect to its relevance and credibility (Information Literacy).

Faculty Committee 

Dr. Joseph Wen
Dean, College of Business Administration and Public Policy