Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement

One of the requirements for the award of degree from California State University campus is demonstration of writing competency. This demonstration is assessed through the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR).

GWAR cannot be met by a lower-division writing course. CSO Applied Studies upper–division transfer students should plan to complete the GWAR requirement as soon as possible but no later than the third term.

Satisfying the GWAR requirement is a prerequisite for APS 490 enrollment and graduation. Not completing this requirement in a timely fashion may affect your ability to enroll and/or progress to degree.

Ways to Satisfy GWAR:

  • GWAR Certifying Course: ENG 350 | Advanced Composition

    Advanced Composition Course (ENG 350) is regularly offered on campus by the CSUDH English Department. Organizational Leadership Studies Program offers this 12-week course online in SPRING ONLY. A cooperative exam is administered at the end of ENG 350 and counts for 25% of the grade.

  • Transfer Certification

    Students who have satisfied the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) at another CSU campus in 1984 or later but prior to matriculation at CSU Dominguez Hills may petition for exemption from repeating the requirement at CSUDH. Students must complete a petition for exemption at the Testing Office ( Attach a copy of the certifying test score or a copy of an official transcript and Catalog description of the coursework.

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