MSOT Application Packet

Master of Science in Occupational Therapy Application Packet

Important reminders in completing the Application Packet:

  1. Please make sure that each item listed on the checklist has accompanying documentation. Please make it your responsibility to ensure that your application is complete.
  2. Transcripts and letters of recommendation should be placed in the packet instead of being sent directly to the Department as separate documents. This expedites the processing of your application and lessens the chances of documents being lost or deferred in the mail. Just make sure that documents remain sealed and stamped/signed on the flap for it to be considered official.
  3. GRE scores are sent directly to the Department. You must request for an official copy to be sent to California State University Dominguez Hills, Department of Occupational Therapy (GRE: School Code 4098; Dept Code 0618). Note: You should place an unofficial copy of your GRE scores in the packet in case your official copy gets deferred in the mail. You should also add proof that you have requested for a copy to be sent to the Department, if CSUDH is not one of the institutions indicated in the copy of your score included in the packet.
  4. Be sure to remind those persons you have asked for letters of recommendations to complete them on facility letterhead stationery.  
  5. The checklist below is a guide for you to follow to ensure that you have completed the necessary documents to be included in your application packet.  Unfortunately, those files that are incomplete due to missing documents or forms will not be prioritized for admission review.

Make sure you fill in all items on the checklist as accurately as possible- unclear and inaccurate checklists makes it more difficult to process your application file.