Our benefits make up a substantial part of the compensation we receive from CSUDH.  The benefits to which we are entitled are summarized below.  This summary is only for purposes of illustration and does not purport to represent the rights or liabilities of the parties pursuant to the underlying policies, contract or law.

General Benefits Information:

Faculty and Pay Benefits Information:

Benefits Summaries:

Employee Assistance Program:

Health, Dental, Vision Forms:

CSU Health Insurance Plans:

CSU Dental Insurance Plans:

CSU Vision Insurance Plan:

Flexcash Plan:

HCRA/DCRA Plan Information:

HCRA/DCRA Plan Forms:

Other Voluntary Benefits Information:

SRP 403(b), Thrift Plan 401(k) & 457 Deferred Compensation Plans:

Leaves of Absence:

Leaves of Absence Forms:

CalPERS/Retirement Benefits Information:

CalPERS/Retirement Benefits Forms:

CalPERS Long Term Care Program:

Contact: Payroll Services and Benefits at (310) 243-3769 or (310) 243-3005 for further information.

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