Faculty Benefits

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Eligibility requirements and enrollment procedures for the major insurance benefits (health, dental, vision, term life and long-term disability insurance) are described in the brochures below for lecturers and coaches. If, after reviewing the information, you believe you are eligible for coverage or have questions about eligibility, please contact the Benefits Office at (310) 243-3769 as soon as possible. Enrollment is not automatic and must be requested within program deadlines. No other notice regarding insurance eligibility will be sent to you.

Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible for benefits, non-academic year faculty must be appointed at least half-time and for more than six months. Part-time lecturers and coaches in designated academic year classifications who meet both of the following criteria are eligible to enroll in health coverage:

  • At least one semester appointment, and
  • A time base of at least 40% [minimum assignment of 6.0 Weighted Teaching Units (WTU's)]

A minimum one semester assignment will fulfill the required duration of appointment, while a winter/summer assignment normally will not. Separate “semester by semester” contracts may satisfy the required duration of appointment, but summer or winter session assignments do not count as a qualifying appointment.

Other Eligibility Factors:

Persons already covered by a State-sponsored health or dental plan (i.e., as an employee of another PERS-contracting agency or as a dependent of a state/PERS-contracting agency employee) are not eligible to enroll again through CSUDH unless coverage under the initial plan is cancelled. The CSU FlexCash plan is available to employees who waive CSUDH’s health and/or dental insurance if they have other non-CSU coverage. For more information on the CSU FlexCash plan, please click here: Information on FlexCash [PDF]

Enrollment Deadline:

A newly eligible employee must enroll in health and dental insurance within 60 days of the eligible appointment date. If you are eligible to enroll, please contact HRM as soon as possible to obtain a benefits enrollment packet.

Enrollment in vision, CSU-paid life/Accidental Death and Dismemberment, and long-term disability insurance is automatic; no forms are necessary. A vision plan deduction (CSU paid) on your paycheck stub is an indication that you are eligible for insurance benefits.

Continued Coverage:

A decrease in time base to less than 50% for non-academic faculty and 40% (6.0 WTUs) for academic year appointments will result in cancellation of coverage for the following semester. Please notify HRM as soon as possible if your time base is reduced.

Employees who become newly eligible after cancellation of coverage must re-enroll to obtain coverage. Benefits will not resume automatically.

Retirement Contributions:

Full-time faculty who have been appointed for more than six months and part-time faculty who have been appointed at least half-time (7.5 WTUs) for three consecutive semesters automatically become members of the combined Social Security and Public Employee’s Retirement System (PERS) plans.

Faculty employees who are not eligible for PERS retirement must participate in the Part-time, Seasonal and Temporary (PST) retirement plan, unless previously covered by PERS or STRS through another public agency. Under the PST plan, a 7.5% employee contribution will be deducted on a pre-tax basis; this may affect one’s eligibility to participate in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or other tax-deferred saving arrangements.

Eligible Classifications:

The following Academic Year (AY) classifications fall under the terms of these guidelines:

Class Code

Class Title


Lecturer, Statewide Nursing Program AY


Lecturer AY


Head Coach AY


Coach AY


Coaching Specialist AY


Coaching Assistant AY

Other Information:

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