CSUDH Presidential Scholars are selected not only for being excellent students, but for being actively involved in their schools and communities. We nurture these qualities with a range of unique opportunities that engage minds, encourage interaction, and enrich our Scholars' CSUDH experience.

Research Opportunities

Collaborating side-by-side with accomplished faculty, Presidential Scholars have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of unique research projects in the classroom, in the lab, and in the field. They also have the opportunity to work with faculty mentors to present at Student Research Day.

Presidential Scholars can assist faculty members with gathering data and conducting groundbreaking research across a wide range of disciplines and departments. Presidential scholars also have the opportunity to dig deeper into specific areas of study related to their major, build a portfolio of impressive work upon graduation, present papers at key conferences, develop mentoring relationships with their professors, and exchange ideas with the leading minds in their chosen field.

Faculty Interaction

CSUDH Presidential Scholars enjoy ongoing interaction with our campus's most recognized faculty: individuals who lead their fields, and who make themselves available to mentor and guide our Scholars' progress.

Student Interaction

CSUDH Presidential Scholars belong to an exceptional community of students from diverse backgrounds who share many common qualities, including a commitment to learning, to their university, and to their communities. As part of this unique fellowship, Presidential Scholars support, challenge, and inspire each other to thrive academically and personally.

Lunch With President Parham

CSUDH President Parham takes a personal interest and pride in every Presidential Scholar on campus. Presidential Scholars share their experiences as students and leaders-in-the-making during special lunch engagements with President Parham, hosted twice each semester.

Community and Campus Involvement

Students recognized as Presidential Scholars represent their university and fellow students as CSUDH ambassadors. In this rewarding role, Scholars have the opportunity to participate in a number of outreach activities to improve their communities and build leadership skills, while inspiring other students to advance their education and reach their potential.

California Promise Scholars Program

The CSUDH California Promise: Finish in Four and Thru in Two Scholars Program fully supports freshmen and transfer students that are on track to finish and graduate in four and two years. In addition to the benefits of the Presidential Scholars Program this program adds relevant and meaningful academic experiences, holistic/developmental academic advising, and leadership and professional development opportunities.