Strategic Plan Development

Project Phases

The Strategic Planning Initiative Roadmap lays out specific phases in the development of the CSUDH Strategic Plan. Below is a detailed explanation of the process. 

Strategic Planning Terminology

Strategic Planning involves identifying various aspects of the campus community's shared values and goals. There are several terms used in Strategic Planning that have specific meanings when used in this context. Below are helpful definitions of some of the most vital terms. 

What is a Synthesizer?

A Synthesizer is an individual whose role it is to listen deeply to the members of the CSUDH community who have accepted the invitation to share their ideas for the future through participation in the Town Hall meetings and/or the electronic survey. As a group, the Synthesizers are charged with working together to identify and express the collective aspirations of the community through the elements of the Strategic Framework, including mission, vision, and core values. The Synthesizers are asked to set aside their own desires and opinions - the "voice of the individual" - for the sake of understanding and bringing forth the "voice of the whole."


  • Lui Amador
  • Munashe Furusa
  • Roderick Hernandez
  • Patricia Kalayjian
  • Mitch Maki
  • Carole Shea
  • John Thomlinson
  • Ron Vogel
  • Emmit Williams

What is a Mission Statement?

  • Answers the question, "What is our reason for existing?"
  • Defines the institution's reason for being, including what we do, whom we serve, and why.
  • The terms "purpose" and "mission" are often used synonymously.
  • A statement of mission defines an institution's highest purposes for existing. Effective statements of mission are direct, clear, and use as few words as possible. A statement of mission, in its most evolved and useful form, always contains a few memorable ideas that can be quickly recalled without having to remember the statement verbatim.

What are our Core Values?

  • Answers the question, "What principles will guide our actions?"
  • The institution's essential and enduring tenets; a small set of core principles, not to be compromised for financial gain or short-term expediency. The values are manifest in the behavior of the institution's members.
  • An institution's values describe those "evergreen" principles that shall guide all decisions, actions, and behaviors. These are essential and enduring tenets, not to be compromised for short-term expediency.
  • Decisions should not be made, behaviors should not be demonstrated, nor should actions be taken that violate these core principles.

What is our Strategy?

  • Answers the question, "What will we do to reach our aspirations?"
  • It is to this strategy that an institution devotes its energy, resources, and activity to achieve long-term success.
  • Effective strategy can only be developed if the institution is clear on its mission, vision, and values.
  • Some strategies are designed to build the infrastructure and culture necessary for sustainable success, while others are designed to differentiate an institution from its competitors.
  • Strategies can change over the life of the vision.

What are our Goals?

  • Answers the question, "How will we establish milestones and align our work to make progress toward achieving the vision?"
  • In a multi-year strategic plan to achieve a vision, goals are frequently set on a year-by-year basis.
  • Goals must be SMART

    S = Specific
    M = Measurable
    A = Attainable
    R = Realistic
    T = Timely

What is a Vision Statement?

  • Answers the question, "To what do we aspire?"
  • Defines a desired reality that has yet to come into existence.
  • A "live" vision is one that an institution aligns its activities, decisions, and resources to achieve.
  • In its most evolved state, the vision is specific enough to provide real guidance on how people should spend their time, yet general enough to encourage initiative and innovation, thereby remaining relevant under changing conditions.
  • The vision should be meaningful, inspiring, and energizing to all those who will play a role in achieving it. It should also be a real stretch. Otherwise, it is just a goal.