Project Phases

Strategic Planning Initiative Roadmap

Phase I

Engaging the Community in Designing our Future. Learn More

Phase II

Crafting, Testing, and Finalizing the Strategic Framework. Learn More

Phase III

Strategic Framework Rollout and Celebration. Learn More

Phase IV

Development of the Strategy Execution Work Plan. Learn More

Timeline: Phase I

Engaging the Community in Designing our Future

Prepare for the Initiative

  • Supporting documents collected
  • External data review, demographics, contextual external information collected
  • Meet with campus constituencies regarding the planning process

Meet with Synthesizers and University Constituencies

Meet with the Synthesizers and University constituencies to build shared understanding of the purpose and vision for this initiative, as well as to review and finalize the process (roles, timelines, milestone events, outcomes, etc.).

  • Hold "Mission, Vision, and Values Search Week," a series of workshops/focus groups with faculty, staff, students and key community constituents to solicit input on mission, vision, core values, and strategies.
  • Crafters review all input and create a community-wide survey to further identify core ideas and elements of mission, vision, values, and strategies.

Hold Community Town Hall Meetings

Hold Community Town Hall meeting and press event to further inform the community about the process and opportunities for participation, as well as to signal the official launch the initiative.

  • Survey is launched, with two week window to collect responses. General campus, alumni, friends lists, others identified as we are introducing process.
  • Strategizers collect and collate results.

Phase I Wrap-Up

Input from the Phase I steps are reviewed during a special meeting of the Synthesizers and the University constituencies. Key question for discussion: What is the community telling us about what they want CSUDH to become?

Timeline: Phase II

Crafting, Testing, and Finalizing the Framework

  • Hold Strategizers workshop (2 days) to draft first draft of mission, vision, core values, and strategies, based on community input
  • Draft is tested and refined with the UPC and other campus constituencies
  • Develop rollout message to the community (Here's what you told us, and here's how we've used what you told us to build a framework for our future)

Timeline: PHASE III

Strategic Framework Rollout and Celebration

Timeline: PHASE IV

Development of Strategy Execution Work Plan

Goals, major milestones, measures and key indicators, year one priorities, accountabilities, progress, reporting schedules. This work is done through functional areas.