Strategic Planning Process

2014 Strategic Planning Process

Throughout 2014, CSUDH actively engaged in an open, collaborative progress to revisit and reaffirm our strategic campus goals and initiatives, with the objective of adopting a common set of goals and priorities to inform campus planning, decision-making, and resource allocation for the period from 2014-2020.

February Town Hall

Approximately 225 faculty, staff, and students provided input on goals and priorities outlined in the current strategic plan. They made suggestions and recommendations regarding proposed amendments or additions to the plan during an interactive town hall on February 20, 2014. Individuals unable to attend the town hall were given the opportunity to provide input via a web-based survey.

Between March 2014 and the end of the academic year, the University Planning Council (UPC) considered input from the campus town hall and online survey and other important information and campus data, such as student enrollment, retention and graduation, historical CSUDH faculty and staff hiring, national high impact practices for student success, and during a series of discussions and work session. In late May 2014, the UPC submitted a recommended draft update of the strategic plan for the university to President Hagan.

September Town Hall

President Hagan and the UPC invited the campus to assist in finalizing the university strategic plan, reviewing the draft plan and providing feedback during a second strategic planning town hall held on September 22, 2014. Attendees brought their cell phones, smartphones, iPads or laptops and participated in this interactive discussion.

Below are the results of the UPC Town Hall Poll Results and the Academic Affairs Provost Forum Poll Summary.

Online Feedback Solicited

Faculty, staff, and students were also able to provide feedback on the draft strategic plan via an online form. Feedback from both the town hall and the online form was compiled and reviewed by the UPC.

Finalizing of CSUDH Strategic Plan 2014-2020

After reviewing feedback from the campus on the draft strategic plan, the UPC developed and recommended a final draft strategic plan that was reviewed, edited, and approved by President Hagan. The final 2014-2020 strategic plan for the university was distributed to the campus in December 2014.