Furniture Purchases



The purchase of furniture requires taking many factors into consideration beyond aesthetics and price. The following guidelines will assist departments in the furniture selection process to ensure the furniture selected yields the highest satisfaction and quality.When selecting furniture, it’s important to keep in mind the differences between residential and commercial furniture. Here are a few common considerations that come into play when making a selection:

  • Cost
  • Durability of the product
  • Cleanability
  • Design
  • Follows regulations
  • Accessibility

All furniture purchases must meet established ergonomic guidelines, ADA compliance requirements, and commercial grade standards.

  1. Ergonomic Guidelines - Refer to the 12 tips for an ergonomic workstation
  2. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) – Space planning is critical. Furniture should fit properly in all areas to ensure ADA clearance to walkways and doorways.
  3. Commercial Grade Standards – Selection of commercial grade furniture will ensure compliance requirements are met, such as:
    1. Adherence to regulatory guidelines that ensure products are safe for consumer use.
    2. A warranty of 5 to 10 years is highly recommended. On average, residential furniture includes a one-year warranty.
    3. Fire Resistance – All “upholstered furniture” is regulated by the California Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation. The following Technical Bulletins apply to CSUDH:
      1. Technical Bulletin 117 (TB 117) - All furniture sold in California must meet this Bulletin.
      2. Technical Bulletin 133 (TB 133) - TB 133 requires that manufacturers of upholstery for all buildings on campus meet strict fire safety requirements.
      3. California Fire Code Chapter 8, Section 805.4 – Includes Interior Finish, Decorative Materials and Furnishings.

Contact Environmental Health and Safety at for additional assistance.

NOTE: It is important to note that most home and office retailers do not sell commercial grade furniture or fabrics with the smoke/flame spread ratings required for institutional use.


Campus is not authorized to purchase furniture from non-compliant suppliers listed below, unless the supplier can provide warranty for commercial grade. Please submit the warranty information received from supplier to Procurement and Contracts for review and approval.

  • IKEA
  • Amazon
  • Wayfair
  • Target
  • Wal-Mart

In an effort to ensure only the highest quality products and services are offered to departments, Procurement and Contracts has established a list of preapproved furniture vendors who meet high standards for quality and service.


CSUDH has access to many Master Contracts (solicitation already completed, competitive pricing available) that will allow the department to proceed without the need for bidding, or sole source or sole brand justification or approval. Refer to the PRE-APPROVED FURNITURE LIST for a partial list of contracts that meet competition requirements.

Once the vendor has been selected, discuss the following with the supplier:

  • Design consultation
  • Space planning
  • Product selection
  • Moving
  • Installation
  • Discuss your timeline and lead times overview to estimate how long a project will take Once you have selected your furniture, follow the Requisition Process below.


Departments will need to contact Procurement and Contracts if selecting furniture over the below thresholds, and not from a pre-approved supplier. Procurement and Contracts will discuss selection and may need to undergo a solicitation process. 



Less than $49,999


$100,001 + *


Competition not required, but an informal solicitation is highly recommended

SB/DVBE Option


Three (3) informal quotes

SB/DVBE Option (up to $250K)


Formal solicitation,

advertised (10 Business Days)

* Purchases over $100,000 - Contracts for personal property greater than $100,000 shall be awarded as the result of a formal solicitation process. The formal solicitation shall comply with all requirements for formal solicitation of goods, as applicable, per CSU Procurement Policy.

Please contact the Office of Procurement and Contracts at 310-243-3799 or for guidance on bidding procedures or assistance in locating additional competitive contracts.


Individual/single pieces of furniture in small quantities (limit 2) such as chairs, free-standing desks or tables, file cabinets, etc., which do not require installation and/or set up of any kind are not subject to review and approval by Procurement and Contracts or Facilities Services and may be purchased on the P- card.

If minimal assembly and/or installation is required, Procurement and Contracts may approve an exception. An exception will be contingent on two approvals. Cardholders shall email Facilities Services at to request approval to submit a work order for assembly/installation of P-card purchase item. If granted, cardholders can submit a quote or pro-forma invoice to, and include the Facilities Services approval for review and limited approval.

Reference: Procurement Card Policy


Prior to entering a requisition in PeopleSoft, the department must follow the following process, and obtain the necessary information and approvals.

  1. Standalone Furniture (Either larger quantities than allowed on the P-card or items that require assembly and/or installation, including but not limited to Tables, Desks, and Bookcase)
    • Review the Pre-Approved Vendor List
    • Visit the vendors webpage or contact the vendor for a quote
    • Quote must include cost for inside delivery, assembly and/or installation
    • Quote must include a warranty. Instruct the vendor to include the warranty information on the quote.
    • Submit the requisition in PeopleSoft, and attach the quote
  1. Replacement of entire offices or suites with freestanding furniture or modular furniture installations require layouts/drawings in accordance with ADA requirements. The following are the initial steps to be taken:Review the Pre-Approved Vendor List
    • Department contacts vendor for furniture options and assessment of space.
    • Vendor may opt to visit campus to view the space and provide furniture options and quote.
    • Vendor provides quote to include the following:
      • Quotes must include cost for inside delivery and
      • Quotes must include a layout/drawing that is ADA compliant. Please instruct the vendor to provide this information in order to ensure compliance with ADA
      • Quotes must include a warranty. Instruct the vendor to include the warranty information on the quote.
    • Department submits layouts/drawings to Facilities for approval at
    • Once approval has been obtained, the department submits a Work Order to Facilities for removal of existing furniture and preparation of space for new furniture (if applicable).
    • Once the above steps are completed, the department submits requisition in PeopleSoft, and attach the quote, layout/drawings and verification of submitted Work Order (if applicable).
    • Procurement will issue Purchase Order with instructions to vendor regarding coordination of installation with department.

NOTE: The Logistics Department will only deliver goods weighing less than 100 pounds. Items exceeding this weight will require submittal of a work order for delivery to the department.


The University requires vendors who provide services to the University to provide Certificates of Insurance as evidence of coverage. The types and limits of insurance required are based on the vendor’s scope of work and the risks associated with the services being provided to the University. If deemed applicable, Procurement and Contracts will work directly with vendor to obtain insurance documentation.

Minimum Insurance Requirements:

Commercial Form General Liability Insurance

Per Occurrence


General Aggregate


Business Automobile Liability Insurance


For owned, scheduled, non-owned, or hired automobiles with a combined single limit per occurrence.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

As required by California state law. Workers’ Compensation Insurance is required if a supplier has employees; if the supplier has no employees, this requirement may be waived. Procurement and Contracts will require the vendor or supplier to sign a Worker’s Compensation Waiver form.

Additional Insured

The Commercial Form General Liability and the Business Automobile Liability Insurance must be endorsed to include the following as additional insureds, and mut show coverage for ongoing operations or “You Work” for General Liability insurance:

The State of California, the Trustees of the California State University, California State University Dominguez Hills, and the officers, employees, volunteers and agents of each of them are additional insureds.

Notice of Cancellation

Certificates of insurance must provide for advance written notice to the University, in accordance with policy provisions, of any modification, or cancellation of any of the required coverages.