How do I submit a requisition?

All requisitions are submitted through CFS (Common Financial System) and require authorized approval. For complete CFS information, click here.

For step-by-step instructions on how to submit a requisition, please review the CFS 9.2 User Guide - Requisition Data Entry.

What is the preferred method for purchasing goods?

The preferred method of procuring goods is through department P-Card for all goods under $2500.00. If the vendor will not take P-Card, then submit a requisition through the financial system.

Who is authorized to sign a vendor contract on behalf of the college, department, or administrative unit of the University?

Only the Buyers in Procurement and Contracts are authorized agents to legally bind the University by delegation of authority from the President. In general, no staff or faculty member, dean or chairperson has the authority to solicit, select or obligate the University in any contractual matter or sign an agreement. The Procurement and Contracts Department will review and edit procurement contracts, consult with the University's General Counsel, if necessary, and obtain the appropriate, signatures for all contract requirements.

When does an item have to be formally bid?

CSU policy requires that all purchases of products and/or services of $50,000 or more must be competitively bid by the Procurement and Contracts Department.

How do I register to attend a Requisition Training Class?

Contact the Office of Procurement and Contracts at x3799 to schedule your training.

How do I determine which buyer to contract regarding a particular commodity or service?

Visit the Purchasing Department’s Staff Directory. Each buyer is listed along with their assigned commodities. If this information does not clearly identify a buyer for a unique or unusual purchase you may have, please contact any buyer in the Procurement and Contracts Department for assistance.

Is the University tax-exempt?

The University is not a tax exempt institution, therefore all orders must include appropriate sales tax. For more tax information, please contact Accounting Services at (310) 243-3807.

What are the University’s payment terms?

The usual payment terms are “Net 30,” meaning the invoice will be paid within 30 days of receipt of the invoice date. We also accept “Net 10” with a 2% discount.

When should a Purchase Order (PO) be used?

Purchase orders are required under the following circumstances:

  1. When the vendor/contractor will perform services on campus.
  2. When the order exceeds $2,500.00.
  3. When the vendor does not accept P-Card payments.
  4. When Blanket Purchase Orders are in place.
How can I check the status of my requisition or contract?

Please contact the designated Buyer within the Office of Procurement and Contracts.

How can I order furniture or chairs?

Office furniture may require special handling, installation and could also be non-refundable. Please contact the Office of Procurement and Contracts for additional information.


How do I get a P-Card?

Complete a Procurement Card Application [PDF] with the appropriate signatures. Email the completed form to Annie Boyd, Program Administrator, at aboyd16@csudh.edu. NOTE: Your department administrator may be contacted to substantiate the validity of the application and provide additional information. Once approved, you will be contacted for training and card pick-up.

What can I use the P-Card for? Can I use it for services?

The principle use shall be for procuring goods under $2,500.00. If your order exceeds this amount, please contact the Program Administrator for further instructions. All services are PROHIBITED to be paid by P-Card unless pre-approval from the Program Administrator is granted.

Are receipts required for meals?

Yes, detailed receipts are required for all meals however personal meals while traveling are prohibited on the P-Card. Please refer to the Travel page. 

May I charge travel transactions to my P-Card?

Please refer to the Travel page.

Can I use my P-Card for gas for personal vehicles while on a business-related trip?

No, gas for personal vehicles is not allowed on the P-Card. Employees should request reimbursement for business miles driven with personal vehicles through your Travel Reimbursement.