Furniture Purchases

Furniture Purchases


All furniture purchases must meet established ergonomic guidelines, ADA compliance requirements, and commercial grade standards with typical 5-10 year warranties for a higher education environment.  It is important to note that most home and office retailers do not sell commercial grade furniture or fabrics with the smoke/flame spread ratings required for institutional use.

1. Facilities Services Review – Not Required

Individual/single pieces of furniture in small quantities such as chairs, free-standing desks or tables, file cabinets, etc., which do not require installation and/or set up of any kind are not subject to review and approval by Facilities Services.  P-card can be used for these small quantity orders by submitting a quote or pro-forma invoice to for review and one-time approval.

2. Facilities Services Review - Required

Replacement of entire offices/suites with freestanding furniture or modular furniture installations require layouts/drawings in accordance with ADA requirements. The following are the initial steps are to be taken:

  1. Department contacts vendor for furniture options and assessment of space.
  2. Vendor provides quote and layout/drawings to department (vendor is responsible for ensuring layout/drawings are ADA compliant).
  3. Department submits layouts/drawings to Facilities for approval.
  4. Department submits Work Order to Facilities for removal of existing furniture (if applicable).

Once these steps have been completed, department submits online requisition, quote, layout/drawings and verification of submitted Work Order (if applicable). Procurement will issue Purchase Order with instructions to vendor regarding coordination of installation with department.