This information is intended to assist vendors and contractors interested in doing business with CSUDH through the Office of Procurement and Contracts. To learn more about CSUDH, please visit our website at

Vendor Registration

California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) utilizes the Cal eProcure Portal ( for online vendor registrations and to advertise formal bidding opportunities.

Vendors interested in receiving bid notifications shall access the Cal eProcure Portal and click on “Log In/Register”. Click on “Register as a Sourcing Bidder” and complete the registration steps. If you receive an error message regarding a duplicate TIN, contact FI$Cal Portal Support at (855) 421-6355 or email

To view a list of current CSUDH bids select "Quicklinks" in the menu bar and click “View/Search Bids”. In the California State Contracts Register search page, enter 6690 in the Department field and then click the Search button.

CSU General Provisions and Insurance Requirements

General Provisions

CSU General Provisions for Acquisition of Goods

CSU General Provisions for Service Acquisitions

CSU General Provisions for Information Technology Acquisitions

CSU General Provisions for Maintenance Tasks (Facilities Maintenance)


Vendors physically working on campus are required to provide proof of commercial general liability, auto and worker’s compensation insurance with endorsements naming California State University, Dominguez Hills as additionally insured. Professional services and consulting services such as engineering, architectural etc. must provide proof of professional liability insurance. All insurance certificates and endorsements must be on file prior to any work beginning on campus.

Small Business/DVBE Information

Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise

The current goal for all contracts (3) percent Disabled Veteran Business (DVBE) participation. For a complete set of the DVBE requirements see the section Disabled Veteran Business (DVBE) Enterprise at Cal eProcure.

Small Business

The State of California requires agencies to provide a five percent (5%) preference to Proposers or Proposers who qualify as either California certified small businesses or non-small businesses that commit 25% of the contract value to California certified small businesses. To be eligible, the small businesses must be certified by The Office of Small Business and DVBE Services. The rules and regulations of this law, including the definition of a small business for the delivery of services, are contained in Title 2, California Government Code, Section 14838, et seq. and Title 2, California Administrative Code, Section 1896, et seq. Copies of the codes and regulations are available online or upon request.

If requesting the Small Business Preference, please complete the Proposer’s Declaration Form and indicate the total Small Business participation when bidding on projects.

Vendor Data Record Form (Required for Payment)

CSUDH will require the 204 VENDOR DATA RECORD FORM before a payment can be issued.

Form Submittal Instructions (DO NOT EMAIL)

  1. Save PDF form to your computer
  2. Fill out form and apply signature
  3. Save again
  4. Upload completed & signed form to the link provided on the form.

NOTE: Federal Form W-9 CANNOT be substituted in lieu of the Vendor Data Record.

Unauthorized Purchases

State regulations and CSU policy require the purchase of goods and/or services be approved by the appropriate delegated authority, which is the Procurements and Contracts department at CSUDH. Purchases for goods and/or services without written delegated authority or without an authorized Purchase Order or contract in place is considered to be an “unauthorized purchase.” 

The Procurement and Contracts Office is the only office authorized to issue Purchase Orders for goods and/or services. Vendors must ensure that a fully executed Purchase Order is received prior to providing goods and/or services. Any orders placed directly with a vendor are not valid obligations of the University if they are placed outside the authorized procurement methods (purchase requisition, procurement card, and Direct Pay).

Vendors are hereby notified that fulfillment of an Unauthorized Purchase places the vendor at risk for non-payment or payment delay and/or approval unless and until the purchase has been fully approved.

Unauthorized procurement of goods and/or services can be considered a personal obligation of the individual making the purchase and not an obligation of the University.