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Application Procedures for Bachelor of Science in Quality Assurance (BSQA)

Prospective students applying for part-time or full-time undergraduate programs of study, must file a complete undergraduate application. The $55 nonrefundable application fee should be in the form of a check or money order payable to “The California State University” or by credit card if submitting the online application, and may not be transferred or used to apply to another term. The applications of persons denied admission to an impacted campus may be re-routed to another campus, but only if the applicant is CSU eligible.

Before applying for admission to California State University, Dominguez Hills, students should carefully study the list of academic majors and their descriptions.

Electronic versions of the CSU undergraduate and graduate applications are accessible at CSU Apply. The system allows students to send and receive electronic responses to specific questions, and apply for admission and financial aid.

Requirements for admission to CSU Dominguez Hills are in accordance with Title 5, Chapter 1, Subchapter 3, of the California Code of Regulations. If you are not sure of these requirements, you should consult a high school or community college counselor or inquire at the University Outreach and Information Services Center.

Bachelor of Science in Quality Assurance: Admission Requirements

  • Minimum of 60 units and completion of all general education requirements of the California State University system with a 2.0 GPA. General admission requirements for the BSQA at California State University, Dominguez Hills are stated in the current CSUDH catalog.
  • Completion of one semester of college-level calculus.
  • TOEFL score of 550 (for students whose primary language of instruction was not English).
  • Note: the BSQA Program no longer accepts students residing in the following U.S. States: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Oregon, and Wyoming.

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Pre-Admission Advising

Pre-admission advisors are available to aid students in the application process. Questions about admissions requirements, transfer of previous course work, application deadlines and related questions should be directed to the Outreach and Information Services Center located at WH D-245, (310) 243-3696. For additional information regarding advisement, see the section on “Academic Advisement.”

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Applying for Admission

  1. Apply via Cal State Apply ►
    Include all supporting documents (official transcripts and test scores).
    (Need help? Watch the  CSU Apply Overview Video below to see how!)

  2. An official transcript of record from the high school of graduation is required for new freshmen and transfer students with fewer than 60 transferable semester units completed. Other transfer students required to show completion of high school subject requirements must also submit an official high school transcript.

  3. An official transcript is required from each college or university attended. These should be sent to:

    Academic Coordinator (Application Materials)
    Quality Assurance Programs Office – Mail Station 2-120
    California State University, Dominguez Hills
    1000 East Victoria Street – EE-1300
    Carson, CA 90747-0005 USA

  4. ACT or SAT scores are required for transfer students with fewer than 56 transferable semester units completed, unless exempt (see “Eligibility Index”)

  5. The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required for all applicants, regardless of citizenship, who have not attended schools full time at the secondary level or above for at least three years where English is the principal language of instruction.

  6. Applicants must complete the admission file within the campus deadlines. Contact the University Outreach and Information Services Center for current deadlines. Approximate BSQA application periods for each term:

    Fall Semester: April 15 - August 1
    Spring Semester: August 1 - November 1
    Summer Semester: January 1 - February 1
    Applications will not be accepted after the deadline for each term.

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Required Documentation

Importance of Filing Complete, Accurate and Authentic Application for Admission Documents

CSU Dominguez Hills advises prospective students that they must supply complete and accurate information on the application for admission, residence questionnaire, and financial aid forms. Further, applicants must submit authentic and official transcripts of all previous academic work attempted. Failure to file complete, accurate and authentic application documents may result in denial of admission, cancellation of academic credit, suspension or expulsion (Section 41301 of Title 5, California Code of Regulations).

American College Test (ACT) and Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

Freshman and transfer applicants who have fewer than 60 semester or 90 quarter units of transferable college credit must submit scores, unless exempt (see "Eligibility Index"), from either the ACT or the SAT I of the College Board.

Registration forms and test dates for either test may be obtained from school or college counselors, The California State University testing offices, or directly from the testing service. For either test, students should submit the registration form and fee at least one month prior to the test date.

Students applying to impacted programs on campus may be required to submit test scores and should take the test no later than October or November. Test scores also are used for advising and placement purposes.
Registration materials and dates for the SAT I & II and ACT are available from the Testing Office (310) 243-3909. Further information is available by contacting:

ACT, Registration Unit The College Board (SAT I & II)
P.O. Box 414 Registration Unit, Box 6200
Iowa City, Iowa 52240 Princeton, New Jersey 08541 (319) 337-1270 (609) 771-7588 or

The University code number for ACT is 0203; for SAT is 4098. For CSU Mentor applicants the all CSU SAT code is 3594.

Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) Requirement

All undergraduate applicants whose native language is not English and who have not attended schools full time at the secondary level or above for at least three years where English is the principal language of instruction, must present a score of 550 or above on the Test of English as a Foreign Language. Applicants taking the Computer Based Test of English as a Foreign Language must present a score of 213 or above. Some majors may require a higher score. Some campuses may also use alternative methods of assessing English fluency.

Official Transcript Requirements for Admission

  1. A transcript is official if it is sent directly from the school of origin to the Office of Admissions and Records at this University and bears the official seal of the school of origin and the signature of the Records Custodian.

    A transcript hand-carried by the applicant from the institution of origin in an envelope sealed by the issuing institution may be accepted as official. A transcript bearing a college seal is not official unless it meets the above guidelines.

  2. Official transcripts are required from all institutions attended, including extension and correspondence courses, even if withdrawal occurred prior to the completion of the course(s). The University reserves the right to determine whether a transcript will be accepted as official.

    An applicant disregarding this regulation is subject to disciplinary action and will have the application for admission cancelled.

  3. Schools and colleges will send transcripts only upon the request of the student. The responsibility for ensuring that official transcripts reach the Office of Admissions and Records rests with the applicant.

  4. When ordering transcripts, the request should be addressed to the Office of the Admissions and Records at the particular institution. Most institutions require a fee for sending transcripts.

  5. All transcripts submitted become the property of this University. Students are required to have their own personal set of transcripts from all institutions attended for advisement. The Office of Admissions and Records will not provide copies.

  6. Students admitted on a Provisional basis must submit required final official transcripts by the established deadlines. See Provisional Admission.

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Application Acknowledgment

On-time applicants may expect to receive an acknowledgment from their first choice campus within two to four weeks of filing the application. The notice may also include a request that additional records be submitted for the campus to evaluate academic qualifications. Applicants may be assured of admission if evaluation of relevant qualifications indicates that applicants meet CSU admission requirements and campus requirements for admission to an impacted program. An offer of admission is not transferable to another term or to another campus.

Notification of Eligibility

In order that students may be informed as early as possible about eligibility, they are urged to apply early in the application period. When notified by the University to do so, they should promptly request that supporting documents (transcripts and test scores) be sent to the Office of Admissions and Records. The time between receipt of an application by the Office of Admissions and Records and notification of eligibility status to applicants will vary.

Transfer students applying for admission in advanced standing may expect notification approximately four weeks after final transcripts have been received. Transcripts must include all college work completed to date. If currently enrolled, a work-in-progress report is required, and a final transcript is required upon completion of work-in-progress.

Class Level
Undergraduate students are assigned a class level according to the following plan:

Lower Division
Freshman 0 - 29 semester units
Sophomore 30 - 59 semester units
Upper Division
Junior 60 - 89 semester units
Senior 90 or more semester units

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Admission of International (Foreign) Students

California State University uses separate requirements and application filing dates in the admission of foreign students. For these purposes, “foreign students” are residents of a country other than the United States or those who hold visas as students, exchange visitors, or who are in other nonimmigrant classifications.

Verification of English proficiency (see the section on TOEFL Requirement for undergraduate applicants), financial resources, and academic performance are all important considerations. Academic records from foreign institutions must be on file at least eight weeks before registration for the first term and, if not in English, must be accompanied by certified English translations.

Priority in admission is given to residents of California. There is little likelihood of nonresident applicants, including students, being admitted either to impacted majors or to those with limited openings.

Foreign visa applicants are required to comply with the following requirements and instructions:

  1. Foreign applicants are encouraged to consult with an advisor in the Information Center before applying for admission to the University. Because the evaluation of foreign credentials may take considerable time, separate filing deadlines are in effect for applications from foreign students.

  2. Applicants must file part “A” of the application for admission accompanied by a nonrefundable application fee. An application is for a specific term and is not transferable to any other term.

  3. Applicants must show evidence of competence in the language. The results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a minimum score of 550 (or 213 on the computerized TOEFL) are required to show evidence of English competence.

  4. Applicants must submit a financial responsibility statement. The form is available from the Office of Admissions and Records.

  5. Freshmen applicants must be determined by the University to have academic preparation equivalent to U.S. high school graduates.

  6. Applicants whose academic credentials are from a country other than the United States are required to submit a certified English translation along with the academic records.
    Academic records include: year-by-year records for each college or university attended, indicating number of lecture and laboratory hours a week for each course, grades received for each subject; and official documents indicating the awarding of degrees with the title and date conferred. If photocopies are submitted rather than original documents, they must bear the seal of the issuing institution and the actual (not photographed) signature of the college or university registrar. Admission of students who have not attended U.S. institutions is based upon demonstration of preparation equivalent to that required of California residents. The Office of Admissions and Records has the final authority for assessing the transferability of credit.

  7. Applicants who are transfer students must have completed 56 transferable semester units (84 quarter) with a grade point average of 2.4 at an accredited U.S. institution. Official transcripts from each institution attended are required.

Priority in admission is given to residents of California. There is little likelihood of nonresident applicants, including international students, being admitted either to impacted majors or to those with limited openings.

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Transfer Applicants

  1. Official transcripts must include all college work completed to date. If currently enrolled, a work-in-progress report is required; a final official transcript is required upon completion of work-in-progress.
  2. Undergraduate applicants with less than 60 transferable semester (84 quarter) units completed must also file an official high school transcript showing grades earned during the last three years of high school and the date of high school graduation.
  3. Upper division undergraduate applicants (60 or more transferable credits) may be required to submit official transcripts showing completion of high school subject requirements.

Undergraduate Transfer Applicants (Resident and Non-Resident)

Students who have completed fewer than 60 transferable semester college units (fewer than 90 quarter units) are considered lower division transfer students. Students who have completed 60 or more transferable semester college units (90 or more quarter units) are considered upper division transfer students. Students who complete college units during high school or through the summer immediately following high school graduation are considered first-time freshmen and must meet those admission requirements. Transferable courses are those designated for baccalaureate credit by the college or university offering the courses.

Lower Division Transfer Requirements

Generally, applicants will qualify for admission as a lower division transfer student if they have a grade point average of at least 2.0 (C or better) in all transferable units attempted, are in good standing at the last college or university attended, and meet any of the following standards:

  1. the freshman admission requirements (grade point average and subject requirements) in effect for the term to which you are applying (see "Freshman Requirements" section); or
  2. eligible as a freshman at the time of high school graduation except for the subject requirements, and have been in continuous attendance in an accredited college since high school graduation, and have made up the missing subjects.

Applicants who graduated from high school prior to 1988 should contact the Admissions & Records Office to inquire about alternative admission programs.

Due to enrollment pressures, many CSU campuses do not admit or enroll lower division transfer students.

Upper Division Transfer Requirements

Generally, applicants will qualify for admission as an upper division transfer student if he/she:

  1. has a grade point average of at least 2.0 (C or better) in all transferable units attempted; and
  2. is in good standing at the last college or university attended; and
  3. has completed at least 30 semester units of college coursework with a grade of "C" or better in each course to be selected from courses in English, arts and humanities, social science, science and mathematics at a level at least equivalent to courses that meet general education requirements.
    The 30 units must include all of the general education requirements in communication in the English language and critical thinking (at least 9 semester units) and the requirement in mathematics/quantitative reasoning (usually 3 semester units) OR the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) requirements in English communication and mathematical concepts and quantitative reasoning.

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Provisional Admission

CSU Dominguez Hills may provisionally admit transfer applicants based on their academic preparation and courses planned for completion. The campus will monitor the final terms to ensure that those admitted complete all required courses satisfactorily. All accepted applicants are required to submit an official transcript of all college level work completed. Campuses will rescind admission for all students who are found not to be eligible after the final transcript has been evaluated.

Making up Missing College Preparatory Subject Requirements

Lower division applicants who did not complete subject requirements while in high school may make up missing subjects in any of the following ways:

  1. Complete appropriate courses with a "C" or better in adult school or high school summer sessions.
  2. Complete appropriate college courses with a "C" or better. One college course of at least three semester or four quarter units will be considered equivalent to one year of high school study.
  3. Earn acceptable scores on specified examinations.

Please consult with any CSU admissions office for further information about alternative ways to satisfy the subject requirements.

Additional College Preparatory Courses Recommended

Most academic advisors agree that preparation for university study includes preparation in subjects beyond four years of English and three years of mathematics. Please see the section on Subject Requirements found in this portion of the University Catalog. Bachelor’s degree curricula build upon previous study in the natural sciences, social sciences, visual and performing arts, foreign languages and the humanities. Students planning to major in
mathematics, the sciences (including computer science), engineering, pre-medicine, other science-related fields, business or economics should complete four years of college preparatory mathematics. Students in the social sciences and pre-professional fields of study should include at least three years of mathematics in the preparatory studies. Further, all students should include English and mathematics in the final year of high school.

Use of Social Security Number

Applicants are required to include their correct social security numbers in designated places on applications for admission, pursuant to the authority contained in Title 5, California Code of Regulations, Section 41201 and the Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C. 6109), Section 6109. Also, the Internal Revenue Service requires the University to file information returns that include the student's social security number and other information such as the amount paid for qualified tuition, related expenses, and interest on educational loans. This information is used by the IRS to help determine whether a student, or a person claiming a student as a dependent, may take credit or deduction to reduce federal income taxes.
Taxpayers who claim Hope Scholarship or Lifetime Learning tax credit will be required to provide the campus with the name, address, and Taxpayer Identification Number.


The University reserves the right to select its students and deny admission to the University or any of its programs as the University, in its sole discretion, determines appropriate action based on an applicant's suitability and the best interests of the University.

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