Class Discussion / Blackboard:
Class discussion is currently accomplished through "Blackboard" software. The instructor "posts" assignments and discussion prompts to the class via Blackboard, and students respond and interact by using the Blackboard menu at the course site.

Learning/Exploring on the Web:
Students will use the course Web site for a variety of activities including getting assignments, conducting research, obtaining the latest program and class news and information, etc.

Course Schedule

Major: Quality Assurance  | Program: Quality Assurance Bachelor of Science | * C = Class Canceled *

Start DateEnd DateCRNDept, SecCourse TitleUnitsDaysHoursBldg/RmFeeInstructor

Summer 2019

05/07/201908/06/201931346QAS 331 41The Manufacturing Process3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$1,050C Carpenter
05/07/201908/06/201931347QAS 332 41Electrical Metrology3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$1,050E Hazarian
05/07/201908/06/201931350QAS 427 41Quality Improvement3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$1,050J Capawana
05/07/201908/06/201931352QAS 499 41Directed Research3.0ONLINEONLINEINT NET$1,050J Capawana

Fall 2019

09/03/201912/03/201943888QAS 200 41Fundamentals of Quality3.0 ONLINEONLINEINT NET$1,050A Wang
09/03/201912/03/201943889QAS 220 41Intro to Measurement Science3.0 ONLINEONLINEINT NET$1,050D Bourcier
09/03/201912/03/201943890QAS 312 41Interpretation of Technical Documentation3.0 ONLINEONLINEINT NET$1,050C Carpenter
09/03/201912/03/201943891QAS 325 41Technical Communications3.0 ONLINEONLINEINT NET$1,050K Fulton
09/03/201912/03/201943892QAS 330 41Statistical Quality Control and Inspection3.0 ONLINEONLINEINT NET$1,050S Schuelka
09/03/201912/03/201943893QAS 331 41Manufacturing Processes3.0 ONLINEONLINEINT NET$1,050C Carpenter
09/03/201912/03/201943894QAS 332 41Electrical Metrology3.0 ONLINEONLINEINT NET$1,050E Hazarian
09/03/201912/03/201943895QAS 450 41Value Based Quality3.0 ONLINEONLINEINT NET$1,050K Niles
09/03/201912/03/201943896QAS 498 41Directed Research3.0 ONLINEONLINEINT NET$1,050R Cook
09/03/201912/03/201943897QAS 499 41Senior Project3.0 ONLINEONLINEINT NET$1,050R Cook

* Schedule subject to change; consult with instructor for specific date details | Updated 05/31/19

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