Out on Campus

csudh-qcrc-grand-opening-posterWhile the Queer Culture and Resources Center might have just begun, there is a long and beautiful history of Queerness throughout CSUDH history. To help highlight the powerful work and the love of our staff, faculty, students, and alumni, we have begun to collect a list of folks who are out on campus. We hope this list continues to grow and we will continue to update it as we learn of more folks who are able and willing to be out. For our family who can’t today be out at CSUDH, you are loved and appreciated just as you are. If anyone is interested in joining the list, please fill out our form. We will periodically update this page and our seasonal newsletter with profiles of folks out on campus!

Out on Campus Form: https://goo.gl/forms/8CSW7aFnowGu6WL43

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