QCRC Community

Volunqueer Program

The Volunqueer program began in the Fall 2019 semester as a means of creating the queer spaces that for us by us across campus with diverse people and experiences as cocreator. Volunqueers can sign up for shifts at the center where they run the space one hour a week. Movie nights, dance parties, self-love/self-care, teaching workshops and more. Each Volunqueer can create their own programming, then see the process through themselves, giving them a chance to develop leadership, creativity, and self-confidence.

The In-Person Volunqueer program has been postponed due to COVID-19 and will resume at a later date.

Flyers and brochures at the QCRC grand opening.

Education and Trainings

At the QCRC we're happy to share our Queer knowledge and experiences with anyone who is looking to learn. From workshops at the QCRC to classroom seminars, we're excited to work with anyone with an earnest desire to expand their horizons and learn about our community. Contact us directly with questions at

QCRC Community in the Center

Cultural and Family Literacy

The Queer community has an incredibly rich and intersectional culture that can be hard to learn more about. We also know that we are one of the few cultures that can’t always be passed down generation to generation. Thus, Cultural and Family Literacy program brings those stories and narratives to the QCRC. With Family Reading Nights, the QTPOC Book Club, and the QTPOC Library, any Toro can learn about and participate in Queer culture. Staff, student, faculty, family members, and kids are all welcomed! Follow us on Instagram and Toro Link for up to date literacy opportunities.

QCRC Table at the Dia de Muertos festival.

Outreach and Engagement

The Outreach and Engagement team works to create queer spaces outside of the QCRC, bringing Queer culture and spirit to the rest of the Toro community. You can often find us tabling or doing takeovers to show that Queer pride doesn't just exist in Queer spaces. We will visit your zoom class as well!

The In-Person Outreach programs have been postponed due to COVID-19 and will resume at a later date. If you’re interested in our Outreach opportunities please email

Art programs at the QCRC

Queer Art Collective

The QCRC Art Collective is used to highlight and honor the various artists within the community. Various opportunities are available such as:

  • Portfolio and Resume building
  • Opportunities to educate with art
  • Help build visibility on campus through your art
  • Marketing experience through flyers
  • Staying connected on campus through events and projects

Art can be anything from making collages, to painting, poetry, music, making flyers and fostering queer energy through your content. The main goal of the Art Collective is to give visibility to those who feel they might not have it. As a community we empower each other and give students the space and platform to share their art and grow their portfolio.

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