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Coming Out and Gender Questioning

Having support is important when exploring your identity. The QCRC is here for you on your journey.

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Digital Community

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On-Campus Resources

Asian & Pacific Cultural Center

The Asian & Pacific Cultural Center aims to be a cultural home for API students at CSUDH where community, belonging, learning, and engagement are instruments toward personal, academic, and professional success of API students.

Basic Needs

The Basic Needs Program offers a multitude of resources on and off campus that will alleviate basic need challenges such as food, housing, transportation, or mental and health challenges.

Student disAbility Center

The Student disAbility Resource Center is focused on making sure CSUDH students with disabilities have full access to the university’s educational, cultural, social, and physical facilities and programs.

Rose Black Resource Center

The Rose Black Resource Center (RBRC) aims to provide a safe and inclusive space that promotes the academic, cultural, and social development of Black students in order to increase enrollment, engagement, retention, and graduation rates.

Student Health & Psychological Services

Student Health and Psychological services offers primary health and mental health care services for all students enrolled at CSUDH.

Office of Equity and Inclusion

The CSUDH Office of Equity & Inclusion promotes inclusive excellence by ensuring equal access to education and employment for the CSUDH community. The Office of Equity & Inclusion provides prevention educating and training, and responds to incidents of sexual misconduct, discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

La Casita: Latinx Cultural & Resource Center

The Latinx Cultural Resource Center (LCRC) serves as the cultural home or “La Casita” to support the personal, academic, and professional success of Latinx Students at CSU Dominguez Hills. La Casita provides peer-to-peer support, culturally relevant programming, and campus partnerships.

Toro Dreamers Success Center

Toro Dreamers Success Center (TDSC) serves as a resource and provide a safe and welcoming environment for undocumented students and their allies.

Veterans Resource Center

The Veterans Resource Center (VRC) assists military veterans, service members, and their dependents in successfully navigating their college experience. socioeconomic status, physical, or mental abilities.

Women's Resource Center

The Women+s Resource Center advances gender equity, social justice, and an inclusive campus climate through co-curricular programming, support services, and opportunities designed to empower students of all backgrounds, gender identities, or gender expressions.

Community Resources

In addition the to services available on the university’s Student Support page, the QCRC has compiled a list of community resources to expand your network.

API Equality

Empowering Asian & Pacific Islander communities to achieve LGBTQ, racial, and social justice. Together we can create inclusive, equitable, and just society where all API LGBTQ people will thrive.


Phone: 213-580-1800

Colors LGBT Youth Counseling Services

Colors LGBTQ Youth Counseling Center provides free LGBTQ-affirmative counseling and healing psychotherapeutic services to youth under 25 and their families in greater Los Angeles.

Desi lgbtQ Helpline for South Asians

DeQH is the first national Desi lgbtQ Helpline in the United States. We offer free, confidential, culturally sensitive peer support, information and resources for LGBTQ South Asian individuals, families and friends around the globe.

Latino Equality Alliance

LEA engages Latina/o LGBT community leaders and organizations in direct action organizing to address issues of bullying, homophobia, xenophobia, family separation, violence against youth, homelessness, high health risk behaviors and HIV/AIDS.

Los Angeles LGBT Center: LifeWorks

LifeWorks is the youth development and mentoring program of the Los Angeles LGBT Center. We offer one on one, peer, and group mentoring opportunities for LGBTQ+ youth and allies ages 24 or younger. Our goal is to help LGBTQ+ youth to realize their goals and dreams with a safe space, positive and affirming role models, workshops, and activities that are fun and educational.


Phone: (323) 860-7373

LGBTQ Center Orange County

The LGBTQ Center OC’s mission is to advocate on behalf of the Orange County Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Queer/Questioning communities and provide services that ensure its well-being and positive identity.


Phone: (714) 953-LGBTQ (ext. 5428)

The LGBTQ Center Long Beach

The LGBTQ Center Long Beach advances equity for LGBTQ people through culturally responsive advocacy, education, programs, and services.


Phone: (562) 434-4455

GSA Network

GSA Network is a next-generation LGBTQ racial and gender justice organization that empowers and trains queer, trans and allied youth leaders to advocate, organize, and mobilize an intersectional movement for safer schools and healthier communities.


GSA Network contact form

Phone: 213-529-4822

Los Angeles LGBT Center

The Los Angeles LGBT Center is building a world where LGBT people thrive as healthy, equal, and complete members of society. Contact of one the various LGBT Center locations.