csudh-qcrc-grand-opening-posterWe provide workshops, consultations, and presentations across campus to serve our mission to improve the climate and culture of CSUDH.

We are happy to work with campus departments, classes, conferences, events, and organizations to build a more inclusive and knowledgeable culture and community at CSUDH.

  • Student Orgs and Greek Trainings
  • Nonbinary Gender Workshops for Staff and Faculty
  • Racism and Gender Interconnections Teach-ins
  • Queer History Workshops and Lectures
  • Guest Lectures for Classes and Programs
  • Research Support and Resources for Faculty and Students
  • Curriculum and Syllabus to Include Queer and Trans Issues and Authors

We also consult and support programs and committees that are working to develop gender-inclusive policies and practices. If working with the QCRC staff can support your growth and ability to serve LGBTQIA2+ peoples at CSUDH, then reach out to us. We will work with folks one-on-one, in small groups -- up to an entire college!

Reach out to to start working together.

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